Loading 2.81 after trying 2.9

Where do I go to get 2.81?  I have loaded 2.9 and done some test flying.  I want to flip back to 2.8.1 to tyr something and I don't know where to find it.  I thought I could go to:  http://code.google.com/p/ardupilot-mega/downloads/list  but I only see a few files there.  Also, do I need to find an earlier version of the Mission Planner to do this?  I was using version 20 but all I can see is the current 32 which I am using right now.


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    You need to show the deprecated versions.

    Here is the URL.

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    It might be safer to just go back to an earlier version of MP. Even if you could load the 2.8.1 code, you still would have the issue of setting the level.
  • I have problem with MP 20 (latest) and ArduCopter 2.8.1.

    I can not calibrate the accelerometers, it looks for me the latest MP (20) is for 2.9+.

    If you go back to ArduCopter 2.8.1, try to install previous version of MP (downgrade). Maybe you will need to uninstall MP in order to install a previous version, this happened to me.

    With an old MP, I am able to calibrate again the accelerometers normally and the HUD to be aligned OK.

    I don't know why nobody mentioned about the compatibility or incompatibility between Arducopter and MissionPlanner, at least this is an issue for me.

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    Go to the firmware tab and look for a link at the bottom right which will allow you to load older versions of the firmware.
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