Missing an option to ease my life...

Hi !

The problem:

- I put a set of new props on my good flying apm 2.0 Quadrocopter

- I have EVERYTHING soldered: Motors/ESC/APM so there is no quick plug in/out possible.

- I want to do dynamic balancing with the props. I did it with the old set of props by plugging in each motor/esc combo to my receiver seperately and balanced them. This is not possible anymore without unsoldering and reattaching connectors....

The possible solution:

A option in the Missionplaner under advanced/esc calibration to do a throttle passthrough for every esc indepently.

The question:

Is something like that already planned? In my case it would be very helpful.

In the mean time i will fire up arduino and find out how to do a "passthrough- for- selectable- ESC" sketch.....

Every help would be ver welcome !

So long



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  • If numbers help I was going to ask for just that very thing.

  • Hi Rob, nice idea. I think the first stop would be to look at Marco's motor test code, I think this should contain some of what you need to get each one to spin independently.


    The way i dynamically balance currently is by just attaching each signal wire to channel 3 on the RX, just like the manual ESC calibration, but a software option would be great.

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