I Wish I Was Excited About The GoPro Camera Craze


I was about to by a GoPro, but I’m not so sure about it anymore, after reading this.....

Not to a few hundred people, not to a few thousand people, and in no way should you be selling hundreds of thousands of cameras around the world with a critical firmware or software bug that arbitrarily limits the number of photos you can take with it. But GoPro did exactly that.

But according to the latest reviews on Amazon, it doesn’t look like I’m alone at all.

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  • Olivier

    Thanks, I think I get one and will test it; you can’t go much wrong with $160 down.

    I’ll mount it on my T-Rex600, and he won’t feel the extra 60grammes.

  • I took my go-pro to the track with me and in 8 hours I got 40 minutes of video, due to the camera shutting off then saying then saying the battery was dead (Which was full each time). So out of 8 sessions I got 2 videos.

    Strangely it seems to work fine when mounted on my quad.

  • Hi Manfred,

    I think it's agood product...  slightly heavier than the GoPro but the screen is a cool feature.

    It's water resistance is good, I tested it under 1m of water and no problem...

    I also like the zoom, even if it's a digital one. 

    I posted a video under my profile. The quality has been reduced by the deshaking filter from Youtube but it's still ok.

  • Hi Olivier

    Thanks for the links... I think not a bad alternative....

  • Just read the comments....

    This is only one example, but mostly everywhere the same.....


  • That's very interesting. How much range does that have?

  • I have the gopro hero 3 silver and can use the wifi to frame and snap pictures from my phone as my quad is in a position hold hover. Can then go into vid recording mode and start recording video without having to land and switch shooting options.
  • i have gopro3 black edition...and i haven't problem it's super and work fine...i love go pro....

  • Another cheap (and quite good) alternative... I have one and the quality is really good for the price !

    3692589235?profile=originalImage quality is very good! It goes up to 1080p at 30 fps, and 720p at 60 fps.

    for the price you have a nice setup, with LCD screen and digital zoom... and 3 tons of accesories !!

    You can buy it for 129 $ at chinavasion.


    You will find a very detailed review here:


  • Mmm.... 1080p and CCD? Not some CMOS junk?

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