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Neil Ohnemus replied to Hugues's discussion Optimize your vibration levels with unsuspected technique (thx Forrest Frantz for that) in ArduCopter User Group
"This is an interesting discussion to me.
When I build my drone a year ago I was talking wtih the local hobby shop guy about how to mount APM.
His suggestion was .... you guessed it.... directly to the frame to avoid any difference in the inertial…"
Aug 3, 2013
Neil Ohnemus replied to Mohamed Abdelkader Zahana's discussion Why Not to Include more Powerful Processor in Next Versions of APM
"I think your wish is granted. PX4 is the "Next Gen" If I understand right."
May 30, 2013
Neil Ohnemus replied to Chris Anderson's discussion Feedback on new manuals
"After a quick review - it would seem that APM 1.0 and 2.0 hardware setup should and could be included.
Those are not moving targets and already mostly documented.

Also in the safety section I see nothing about "Ariel right of way".. meaning that if…"
Apr 7, 2013
Neil Ohnemus commented on Manfred Dickgiesser's blog post I Wish I Was Excited About The GoPro Camera Craze
"I took my go-pro to the track with me and in 8 hours I got 40 minutes of video, due to the camera shutting off then saying then saying the battery was dead (Which was full each time). So out of 8 sessions I got 2 videos.

Strangely it seems to work…"
Mar 29, 2013
Neil Ohnemus posted a discussion
Hello all!I wanted to start a thread on what motors everyone believes are the seem to be the most robust as a reasonable cost? Lets put a limits on say 50$ max per motor and preferable much cheaper.I have had 7 motors go bad in the last 9 months,…
Mar 3, 2013
Neil Ohnemus commented on Dave G's blog post Texas Declares War On Robots
"Fast forward >>
 ...Representative Lance Gooden has introduced Hbxxx which proposes: A comprehensive incentive structure designed to encourage business emigration--from the burgeoning robotic industries forming around the world--into our barren…"
Mar 2, 2013
Neil Ohnemus commented on Dave G's blog post Texas Declares War On Robots
"I would imagine that since news companies are commercial that it would be illegal for them to do any photography/ information gathering from the air as well ... right???? 
If we are concerned about privacy, I don't see why the new's companies are…"
Mar 2, 2013
Neil Ohnemus commented on FPV Quads's blog post Release of G-Frame from FPVQUADS.COM
"Like the design, how much does a spare arm cost?"
Feb 19, 2013
Neil Ohnemus replied to Abdullah Al-Qasear's discussion long distance UAV
"What you are asking for is the long end of the stick and pretty expensive otherwise.
2 hours of flight time with any significant mass is expensive/complex, and if you need to go more than a mile or two away then you are talking serious time/money to…"
Feb 14, 2013
Neil Ohnemus commented on Vladimir "Lazy" Khudyakov's blog post Let's talk about hatches?
"Ok man, when the FAA said you had to fly your drone within LOS I don't think they ment 'Just build them bigger'!
You need to build an octocopter next, I can't wait to see that!

But seriously nice work!"
Feb 13, 2013
Neil Ohnemus replied to Tyler Hahn's discussion Legal Power Limit for 5.8Ghz Transmitter
"This is a great question, one I need to find an answer for as well.
If you are working to stay completely legal, I don't think your allowed to use anything without an FCC ID unless you have a HAM operators license, then you are bound by the above…"
Feb 13, 2013
Neil Ohnemus posted a discussion
Hello all!I had a few quick questions here to validate some thoughts on expected RTL behavior for a heli/multi-rotor.1. Where is home?Expected Answer: Where there GPS believes it was when the vehicle was armed.2. Does home reset each time I re-arm…
Feb 10, 2013
Neil Ohnemus replied to Andy Gongora's discussion Quad vs Hexa vs Octo -copter. (Radial and coaxial) Advantages-Disadvantages?
"Nice Job!

I would like to propose a couple of additional items.
1. Naming of drone types.

Seems like we need to make a common nomenclature.
Example of top level classes with each having sub classes.
Drone types:
Feb 10, 2013
Neil Ohnemus commented on PX4's blog post PX4FLOW Release
""You can use this board with PX4FMU and the PX4 native autopilot stack.."

Will there be/is there a plan to support the optical flow sensor with arducopter PX4 release?
(I'm assuming here (dangerously) that PX4 Native stack is not arducopter)"
Feb 5, 2013
Neil Ohnemus commented on Michael's blog post Getting the party started...
"The ublox is the current recommended choice of most of the people on this forum, I just bought one myself. (Have not installed yet.)
On the subjects of remotes:
Remotes are something you don't want to buy twice so take some time and buy something…"
Jan 12, 2013
Neil Ohnemus replied to Josh Potter's discussion Can I add a second air radio to a current ground/air radio pair?
"I have a similar question:
Can I use multiple air radios with a single ground unit at the same time?
I would like to control a handful of drones from GCS. 
Mav link can use up to 255 devices from what I have read, but I dont understand if I would…"
Jan 4, 2013