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Hi Guys


I wanted to let the DIYDRONES members know we have released the New G-frame and will start production this week. We were able to get a great rate from our CNC partner and have passed this on to everyone here. The price for the complete G-frame (G10) is $149.99 at the FPVQUADS.COM website on pre-order. We expect to ship the first units in 2-3 weeks. The price includes the complete G-Frame, Built in Gimbal with servos and all hardware. Just drop in the 3D Robotics ARM 2.5 and some FPV gear and your all set. We have a small video here and will post several more over the next few days. We have tested with ARM 2.5 (2.9.1) and with DJI Naza GPS and both units perform fantastic. Just the cost of most GoPro gimbals is more that the complete package. Flight times we are getting with the test units is coming in about 14 mins with 4S 4000MhA @ 80% battery use. Let me know if you have any questions and we are always very happy to help. We think the cool design with arms functioning as landing gear and the new ESC housing located under the motors offers a clean and functional unit.



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  • Michael,
    Go to, look for gopro gimbal. You see a few pictures Ans than there is an assambl video. This gimbal looks very much the same. Cheers
  • The gimbal consists of about 50 small parts and no assembly instructions.  Can someone provide clues on gimbal assembly? is not replying to my email.

  • Silly question: Do you have assembly instructions?  It's mostly easy to figure out, but I have the g-frame components in front of me and have some questions about where you placed things.

    Thank you!

  • Verry easy to build, awesome looks!
    i'm verry happy with it, building it with dji 2212 motors, 30 amp esc's 9x5 props, apm 2.5, gps.
    Where can I find the parameters for the apm 2.5?
    I'll Upload a vid on YouTube about the building when it's ready, and ofcourse one with a stable and autonomous fligHt.
    I hope someone can help me with the params.
  • Any updates on this frame? The website still says the same "2 weeks" shipping information. Excited to see others fly this frame.

  • Hi Guys

    As some of you have emailed us, there is a new video of in flight on board and from the ground. Sorry my pilot skills suck but you get to see some nice views from the air and ground. 




  • Hi Robert

    Sorry for the delay in responding. For some reason we did not get the email you posted here. SO Sorry man.

    Yes depending on your payload the Avroto motors seem to be a bit of a over kill vs the expense of these motors. With a build that is like ours in the picture, Gopro, frame, 5.8Ghz video transmitter, readymade FPV Camera, two batterys, (one for FPV 1100mha 3s) (one for flight 4000 4s) we were getting near 15 minutes leaving the battery with 20% reserve. A bit longer flight time but we did not have the weight that these motors really could handle. We had a test build with EagleTree OSD, and really loaded up the frame and these motors did a fantastic job. 

    We test with the following radios.

    DX18 (rock solid)

    Dx8  (Solid)

    Aurora 9 (gets a little drift, not sure why)

    Devo10 (shorter range)

    Futaba T8G (solid)

    Old Futaba with Dragon Link 433mhz for our more than 1 mile flight test. (works really good)

    For standard use, I would recommend the 2212 DJI motors with the DJI ESC, these are sold most everywhere and the cost is good for what you get. 8" prop on the 2212 with a standard FPV build (like in picture) works very well, easy to control and has enough power for most any flight style. Flight times are solid at 10-12 minutes and this setup works great with 3DR ARM 2.5 (2.9.1 build) or DJI Naza GPS. We plan on doing 3DR ARM 2.5 Autonomous flights with several waypoints this weekend and hope to have some video up with the out come. 

    The new release of the Android Flight Control program is also one we want to test this weekend so we are a bit excited.

    Sorry for the delay and have a great weekend.


  • This is very impressive.  I really can't say how taken aback I am by your details to all of these questions.  It proves that you and your team are truly working in an engineering environment.  I often get excited about these things and show my wife  who simply replies "You need a friend."  I do want to order one and start building this spring.  You mentioned your output was higher and you had longer flight times with the Avroto motors and 12" blades.  What were your flight times?  What radio are you guys using?  I have a DX6i so I would do more than LOS flight for the most part.

  • Yes, that was my order.  Excited to get the new quad flying.  Sorry for my ignorance on the motors, but can you post the full specs for the 2212 motors you did most of your testing with.  I'd like to get something as nearly identical as possible.

    Thanks again.

  • Hi Michael

    Thanks for the question. Yes, I will rebuild three tomorrow and download the parms from them and post it. Very little change from stock settings with the new 2.9.1 as we have had a ton of fun with this last build from 3D Robotics.  . Have to use CH 7 for fine tune the DX18 trim was one of the main items needed and I would guess if we spend a bit more time on tuning this might have been better. We have the ARM controllers on two other prototype frames we are testing right now so have to swap them out. No problem as we want to record a video of an Autonomous flight with the new frame. I will get it posted for you as soon as I can.

    By the way, thanks for the order if your the same Michael. :)


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