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Interested in the coding aspect of uavs and how to automate camera positioning

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Chuck commented on Ascent AeroSystems's blog post Ascent AeroSystems "Sprite" - Available Friday on Kickstarter
"This project seems like a very realistic and well defined one, unlike many I have seen in the crowdsourced space. I am interested to know some of the answers to the questions on the KS Comments page, such as gimbal type, and ability to direct the…"
May 19, 2015
Chuck commented on Greg Dronsky's blog post DJI confirmed an issue with the Inspire's firmware...
"I have done quite a bit of flying on ArduCopter/Pilot platforms and I can attest to this not being the norm. I have had issues with APM (and all other FCUs), but one thing I can say, every issue I have ever had is experienced on or shortly after…"
Jan 22, 2015
Chuck commented on Jeevan Kalanithi's blog post New job openings at 3D Robotics! Experienced EE's, ME's, embedded SW, flight test engineers and mobile developers - come on down
"Too bad you aren't looking for web application or API developers :X"
Dec 4, 2014
Chuck commented on Gary Mortimer's blog post Great Stuff
""Stuart Turner could soon be looking round the Grand Canyon or Niagra Falls" unfortunately he will not due to state park regulations."
Nov 26, 2014
Chuck commented on David Anders's blog post Woman snapped sunbaking by real estate drone
"This would have never happened with helicopter/airplane photography..... We really are on a precipice of personal privacy. Either as a whole we will agree everyone does things like this and there is no reason to be ashamed, or we will lock…"
Nov 17, 2014
Chuck commented on CSGShop's blog post UBLOX NEO-M8N GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, BeiDou, QZSS and SBAS receiver EVAL module ready for purchase
"http://www.csgshop.com/product.php?id_product=170 $65 if anyone was wondering.... had to look it up myself. Not bad."
Apr 23, 2014
Chuck replied to zhang's discussion Anybody can help me to setup my new pid. i can not use autotune. my tiny 250mm quad. find problem from log
"Just to note, the sub 400mm quads tend to have high levels of vibration, have you checked the vibration levels to confirm that is not an issue? For the minis I find the major boards do not work so well. I know the OpenPilot project also suffers from…"
Apr 23, 2014
Chuck commented on Brandon Frazer's blog post UAV and UAV Landing Platform close to completion!
"Do you have any documentation on the rover build or how those rollers in the wheels are controlled? I assume some custom code within the ArduRover branch?"
Apr 18, 2014
Chuck commented on Vindolin's blog post Tech-savvy criminals now using heat-seeking drones to target cannabis farms
"Pretty impressive that a common thief criminal is savvy enough to not only assemble the quad properly but also mount a FLIR that is not an easy feat for many of us here, not to mention the cost of that FLIR. Sadly though as with every technology it…"
Apr 18, 2014
Chuck commented on James Roney's blog post DJI introduce firmware to prevent flight near large airports
"I personally do not see a big issue with enforcing these types of zones. I do if it is politically motivated, for example their first bans appeared based on political request not safety concerns. Though, this seems like something that should be in…"
Apr 8, 2014
Chuck replied to Quentin Mayberry's discussion Does wind badly affect the APM?
"Do you have the barometer covered with some foam? Sounds like that could be causing your issues. While APM does handle wind pretty well, the rapid change of pressure can cause issues.

The toilet bowl symptom is typically magnetometer issues which…"
Mar 25, 2014
Chuck replied to Chuck's discussion First 3.1 Quad Build - Pitch Issues
"Wanted to update this thread just so everyone knows what my issue was.

1) I installed the CN06 Plus by RCTimer which isolated the FCU for vibration and moved the FCU further from the ESCs
2) This also installed an external magnetometer

Mar 16, 2014
Chuck replied to Chuck's discussion First 3.1 Quad Build - Pitch Issues
"Okay, I have tried searching on this and came up with no results. This is my 3rd quad build and the only one I directly hardwired the ESCs to the the batteries. There is no power distribution PCB on this quad, like I have on my other two. Instead I…"
Jan 13, 2014
Chuck replied to Chuck's discussion First 3.1 Quad Build - Pitch Issues
"I am running a one year old APM 2.5 with the internal compass. I seem to have resolved the tilting, not exactly sure what did it but now since I am using Andropilot for telemetry I have been getting occasional "check mag field" errors that…"
Jan 11, 2014
Chuck replied to Chuck's discussion First 3.1 Quad Build - Pitch Issues
"Okay I have done the following

- Added some vibration dampening to the APM 2.5 board (has double sided 3m tape on the 4 corners 3 pieces thick)
- Balanced Props (I did notice a vibration reduction upon takeoff)
- Secured battery better (just in…"
Jan 4, 2014
Chuck posted a discussion
I can not seem to understand what is happening here and I thought I would reach out for some assistance. After flying in stabilization mode for about 5-15 seconds the quad will slowly start to pitch harder and harder to the aft of quad. I fight it…
Jan 4, 2014