UAV and UAV Landing Platform close to completion!

I posted a while back with our project and we have been keeping it in hiding until we fully finished it. We still have some things left to finish.  We were able to get the magnetic locking system to work using 2 HITECH 755 series Servos to lower/lock the magnetic arms.  

Main Features Include:

For the Rover

  • Regenerative Charging System  based on a Bedini Motor
  • Magnetic Neodymium Locking System for the quadcopter
  • Mecanum Wheels
  • Andymark 1200 oz-in 198 RPM 2-Stage Planetary Gear Motors
  • XBEE Pro 900 MHz on the Communication Controls
  • APM 1.5 just for real time navigation/GPS
  • Custom Made Motor Controllers
  • All custom embedded code able to handle up to 255 devices
  • Real Time monitoring from a control terminal
  • Touchscreen LCD for controls
  • Fingerprint scanner for authentication
  • Independent Speed Controls for all motors 
  • FPV using a 200mW transmitter on 1268 mHZ
  • Custom made Frame/Shell 
  • Monitoring Control panel
  • 2-Way Mirror Film top
  • NeoPixel Runway Lighting \
  • GOPRO HERO3 on a Pan and Tilt System
  • Maxbotix SONAR

For the Quadcopter:

  • DJI F450 Frame
  • DJI 930kV Motors
  • 10" APC Props
  • 200mW FPV on 1280 MHz
  • XBEE Pro Telemetry
  • APM 2.6
  • MinimOSD
  • DJI  Landing Gear
  • Custom 3D printed landing feet with magnets in them
  • Lasers
  • Frsky 2.4 gHZ Receiver
  • Turnigy 9X Controller
  • Maxbotix SONAR 



Some of the videos are a little outdated as far as the aesthetics go.3689587253?profile=original3689587147?profile=original

3689587279?profile=original3689587402?profile=originalBut check them out! 

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  • Sorry completely forgot to post it! Here is a link to most all of our files. We are still working on the website but you should be able to access everything. http://www.eecs.ucf.edu/seniordesign/fa2013sp2014/g07/files.html

    DroneNet: The Quad Chronicals
    Simple Template #5 from simpletemplates.org
  • I would love to read the conference paper. Maybe post it to Dropbox and link it here?

  • We do have documentation from our conference paper, how would I post it here though?

    The rover runs completely on it's own code that I wrote in Arduino and PIC32. All we have ArduRover for is position and being able to view it relative to the quad. We do not use ArduRover for any type of controls or communications. We wanted to develop all of our own stuff rather than implement off-the-shelf controller.  

  • Do you have any documentation on the rover build or how those rollers in the wheels are controlled? I assume some custom code within the ArduRover branch?

  • We have the ideas and are fairly certain we can get it to essentially operate as an air-boat on the water. The issue now is just going to be funding and time. We could turn this thing into a whole lot more if we had the right funding and resources under us (and if we were doing this for an actual company as a 9-5 job).


  • This is amazing! If you can figure it out for a USV or buoy, then I have an idea for you!

  • No she is not amphibious....yet. John thank you for those links, I actually had a really hard time trying to find other similar projects when we started this so it is nice to see other people are doing it as well! Ted, thank you. That thing took a while to get all running stable. Ettore, yeah we talked about it. We just never got around to it. With some more time and a little more experience with autonomous systems, I would really have liked to incorporate openCV into it. We had a RiPi with a PiCAM originally for this. 

  • Nice work :D I personally advice the use of landmark on the landing area. Then with the camera you could try to estimate the position/pose a drive it slowly on the surface. 


  • T3

    The way the rover moves is very cool and novel. I like your transmitter too, I am working on a DIY transmitter myself. 

  • What a fun project! Great to see yet another variation on the theme of a hybrid system. Four EEs might be interested in this reference wiki. Looking forward to your next post.

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