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Hey Everyone,

3DR is hiring more engineers, in our Berkeley office. APPLY HERE!

We're growing fast and working on some really neat new products. Hope you can join up!

Specific roles include:

  • EE
  • ME
  • Embedded SW
  • Mobile developer
  • Flight test engineer

What we are looking for We are looking for candidates who have proven expertise in creating well-designed, robust, and delightful systems in end-user products (did you work on a smartphone? how about the roomba? an electric car? that's the kind of work we hope you've done), an ability to quickly improvise and iterate, and a passion for building innovative technologies - and building flying robots (natch).

I'm pretty dang sure there are a lot of folks in the community here that would really enjoy working full-time at 3DR and have super amazing talent levels ... so I hope you get in touch. The time is now! :)

Here's the application link - http://3dr.theresumator.com/

(Don't send your info to jobs@3drobotics.com, by the way - the links provided here are the best way to get in touch)


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  • This would be a dream job. Too bad I live in Missouri! Any chance you'd consider people elsewhere in the country?

  • @ Jeevan Kalanithi Thanks for sharing! Sounds awesome!

  • 3D Robotics

    Hey Jack - well hope this post helps make that less likely!

  • Too bad you aren't looking for web application or API developers :X

  • It's unfortunate that most of us on DIYdrones know Chris, but none of the people doing the hiring, so the odds favor someone from outside.

  • Seems like something great is brewing here. I bet you the knees of the folks on the other side are already shaking.
  • 'Now' you start hiring...
  • 3D Robotics

    Hi guys - yeah, these roles are for people on-site in Berkeley, California. 

  • Be bad luck for me. Because, I'm stay in Thailand. There are good job.

  • Moderator

    Its where all the legal flying happens, lots of government kickbacks available in Cornwall http://www.aerohub.co.uk/news/budget-boost-for-aerohub-enterprise-zone quite a nice part of the world to be developing in with lots of reserved UAS airspace to test IRL.

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