Hey all,

I was wondering why APM developers do not think of incorporating more powerful processing units on the next generations of APMs. The hardware's already received a lot of attention (including myself). 

Is it possible to do that, I don't see the reason why not!

That actually will allow researchers in the UAV field to easily employ this unit in more complex algorithm (e.g. UKF, EKF) and much more, instead of buying external embedded computers which, in return, adds on the payload and space on the drone!

I am actually facing this problem myself as I am working on EKF and had to buy an external powerful embedded computer in order to perform such heavy computations.

I was also wondering if I can place a customized order to the manufacturer to design the same board, but with more powerful processor (i.e. ARM Cortex)?!


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  • I think your wish is granted. PX4 is the "Next Gen" If I understand right.

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