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    Sorry guys, I lie with the influence ..

    Paul, is a commercial project.

  • @Neil --  'Just build them bigger!'  I like that!  :-)

    @Vladimir -- Sorry if this was covered in another post, but is this a hobby project or a commercial venture?  In any case, it's a beautiful build.

  • Ok man, when the FAA said you had to fly your drone within LOS I don't think they ment 'Just build them bigger'!

    You need to build an octocopter next, I can't wait to see that!

    But seriously nice work!

  • Not big enough, go back to the drawing board :)

  • Looking good Vladimir!  What propulsion are you planning?

  • Nice aircraft. What are your final dimensions planned to be? What size and type of motor are you putting on?

  • Vlad, it`s too small man, come on!

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