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32 year old, father of three. Professionally employed outside of the computer/electronics industry.

Please tell us a bit about your UAV interest

Read/watched many many Quadcopter articles/videos... Love it! I would like to learn how to build from ground up a Quadcopter able to FPV with a Hero3 Black Edition cam!


Sherwood Park

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Michael commented on Michael's blog post APM 2.6 - TBS Discovery Build
"Well guys,
I hate to admit it (cause this thread originally started out with my build) but I sold my APM 2.6 and bought a Naza v2. I got tired of tuning, tired of log surfing, tired of auto missions and tired of the vibration bullshit. Furthermore…"
Oct 26, 2013
Michael commented on Wessie's blog post How to scare the porridge out of the kids this halloween
"I just saw your above video posted on Toronto's CP24 news channel! The news casters were talking about how cool your idea was..."
Oct 24, 2013
Michael commented on Dany Thivierge's blog post IRIS unboxing (photos)
"Hey don't blame Dany for putting up photos or giving a review. If 3DR didn't want people who received this edition to talk about it they should have included a non-disclosure agreement. 

Thanks for posting Dany, I appreciate your time and effort in…"
Oct 19, 2013
Michael commented on PX4's blog post PX4 and 3D Robotics present Pixhawk: An Advanced, User-Friendly Autopilot
"It's still not clear to me. Does the Pixhawk require the same level of vibration dampening that the APM currently needs?"
Sep 30, 2013
Michael commented on Crasher's blog post DJI add free waypoint to the Naza and Wookong
"I'm totally confused on this. What equipment does one need to have in order to make this happen? How many waypoints are included?

Where's the press release? I can't find this info anywhere else?"
Sep 27, 2013
Michael replied to Antonius Lourenço Kasbergen's discussion Toilet Bowling Octocopter - what pids?
"Make sure of the following:
1. Recalibrate your compass 
- This is likely your problem as you've shifted something around since you last did this.

2. Recalibrate your accelerometer
- Again, because you've shifted things around you need to re do…"
Sep 17, 2013
Michael commented on robert mcintosh's blog post Smaller is sometimes better.
"Loved it, great video. I'm most interested in your FPV equipment... Please tell."
Sep 12, 2013
Michael replied to Frank Rodgers's discussion Please help verify cause of RTL
"Any chance the GoPro WiFi signal interfered with your transmitter?"
Sep 10, 2013
Michael commented on Euan Ramsay's blog post TBS Disco - APM mounting suggestion
"I have a TBS Disco, APM 2.6 w/ external GPS/compass mounted on the top plate with no mast. My compassmot is 8%. So no, you do not need a mast. "
Sep 10, 2013
Michael posted a discussion
So... I've had this situation happen to me twice now and I'm getting a little bit concerned. Are these ESCs heating up too much? Are the motors working them too hard? Did I do something wrong when I soldered on the bullet connectors? What is going…
Sep 8, 2013
Michael commented on Euan Ramsay's blog post TBS Disco - first flight report
"Awesome build... Thanks for sharing. I've got a TBS as well and we all really need to share to find what works best. I'm surprised that you can fit the 5000 mAh in the back - mine doesn't fit"
Sep 5, 2013
Michael replied to Matthew's discussion How do I slow everything down on Arducopter to make it fly more Like a DJI Phantom
I hear where your coming from. When I switched from Naza to APM, I really felt like the APM was in Attitude mode full time. I find it really snappy as well."
Sep 5, 2013
Michael replied to Sander Nijhof's discussion APM 2.5 flips on take off
"Check your props! Make sure they are on correctly (not upside down, the props are spinning in the right direction and the correct prop (CW or CCW) is on the right motor)"
Sep 5, 2013
Michael replied to Kristian's discussion Can I trust Arducopter?

Having had an "Naza experience" and since moved over to the APM 2.6, I am quite happy with the transition. I believe that you can trust the APM more so then the Naza as you are able to log, troubleshoot and discover problems through the…"
Sep 4, 2013
Michael commented on Michael's blog post Vibration Dampening
"Mark I ordered those same bobbins last week from GetFPV.com... I'm hoping to achieve the same result you have there. Very nice work. Do you have the APM 3M taped to the board or is there some Zeal/Moongel in between?

I was considering using the…"
Sep 3, 2013
Michael commented on SkyDrone.aero's blog post Sky Drone FPV - Digital 4G/LTE FPV with MAVLink and APM Support on Indiegogo
"Interesting but... Blackberry is up for sale and the Playbook is dead, why on earth are you basing your software on this platform? "
Aug 23, 2013