IRIS unboxing (photos)


Disclaimers:  This is still called a DEV kit... things may change in real production version. 

Full disclaimer, I am the Canadian reseller of 3DR stuff, but people knowing me know that I keep it true and if there is something I don't like I will point it out! 

So my IRIS RTF arrived Guess what I did... yeah pictures time! 

First of all... the box is HUGE!! (30 X 21.5 X 7.5 inches...!) 


It has no issues with Fedex, I think because of it's size carrier will maybe handle it a bit better... hard to toss this one around... but could it has being smaller  a bit... let's open it up... 


Oh... shipping with props on... !!!  that is a first for me... was it really necessary guys? I mean installing props is something we do (or should do) everytime we go flying and for safety I am always saying to remove them when done flying/crashing  :) 

I think it's one critical step that I like to leave for the customer to do... 

There is space optimization too where 3DR could have fit this all in a smaller box (but not much, Radio is cleanly secured, IRIS arms are solidly held in place in the cardboard cutout and tape.

Let's see the parts we get! 


Wow a LiPo Bag! yeah! now we are just missing a small LiPo Alarm/bench tester to complete the kit (as the included charger has no voltage display... plugging in the LiPo to the IRIS and starting up Mission planner to check voltage is not intuitive...)

So here we go with the inventory (remember, DEV kit, subject to change, bla bla bla) 

1 X IRIS craft (yeah... will get back at this later but the first time you touch it to take it out of the box you feel how strong and rigid the arms and shell are... wow) 

1 X Radio FlySky FS-TH9x (basic, proven, comes with the FrSky 2.4GHz DJT module so reliable signal) - no battery included, need 8 X AA regular batteries or a power pack... 

1 X IMAX B3 charger... basic, simple, does the job, 1 LiPo at a time

1 X bag of cables (international plugs for charger

1 X very nice user manual! 

4 X spare props (10x4.5 APC composite) 

3 X LiPo (not sure this is standard, I think you only get 1 LiPo unless you order more... I feel special!) 

What is missing... Tool bag... USB cables... I think It is included, manual refers to an included Alen key and a supplied custom wrench for the prop nuts... Also there should be a Tablet/USB cable and a PC/USB cable (referenced in manual)

So I think that was all in one bag that is missing from my DEV early shipped box... not a big deal for me but not fun for someone new to the hobby.  (guys put a checklist in the box for the content, it helps a lot and customers like to review it too) 

Love the included pre-flight check list and the sticker for Radio switches flight modes (wish it was pre cut but again maybe an early version) 




Belly side up

(more pictures in next post, reached the max for now) 

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  • Hmm rather than shipping from the US I am surprised that shipping from mexico is not a possibility or competitive to foreign destinations...


  • Moderator

    If you are based in europe and you want to get hold of an Iris I have seen that Unmannedtech shop sell the Iris now and have much cheaper shipping rates within UK/Europe

  • I haven't noticed this... what I have noticed is that shipping prices in and out of the US have increased steadily.. prices in and out of Asia have been dropping... prices from Europe have seemed flat, but then I haven't shipped as much from there so that might be an anomaly.

  • Haven't anybody noticed, that shipping around the world is getting more expensive, I bought a X5 from hobby king last year and the shipping and all was around $90 now for me to get a another X5 the shipping and product is $200 and the products price has not changed, Also look at ebay the shipping there dubbeld over the past few months, I know 3RDR can be heavy on the shipping every now and again but its not them anymore its everybody.


    I just need to invent the teleporter and get it done and over with.

  • Being aware of the shipping cost problem doesn't mean there is a solution, or one that makes the product viable outside of the US. As for me, I had to allocate this year's final research expenditure by 1st November, which meant I went with a competitor's product. As with most companies, one lost customer probably doesn't worry them... but it's likely indicative of a broader problem.

  • The shipping cost did shock me when I got to that section of payment. 5 days to get here though comes at a cost and the service far surpasses USPS...at a cost.

  • @Tim,

    Not new though. The Ready To Fly (RTF) to Srilanka that one of my friend wanted to order costs just about $300 for shipping alone. Don't understand exactly why.

    IMHO, I think 3DR may consider giving other courier service (other than 1 fixed service that is FedEx Priority alone)! Let it takes 3 weeks to be delivered with some form of low price shipping.. at least we have the option to not pay whopping 50% of the product price just for shipping!!

    Rctimer.com - You have the option of free shipping, might take upto 4 weeks, but its also from USA.

    I think in this case, best option is to buy parts from nearby vendors and assemble your own copter with APM/ PX4.

    All the best!

    Rctimer R/C Hobby Online Shop
    RCTimer - the world's No1 Online Hobby Store. We stock a huge selection of RC products from Planes right through to Quadcopters and all accessories.…
  • Thanks for the info on the Iris Dany... glad to see someone having some fun with it.

    US$200+ to ship an Iris to Australia... , you'd think 3DR would be doing everything they can to create a market outside of the US. Apparently not.

    Having a pool of dev-capable research minions (students) and experience with multirotors, aircraft, robotics and UAVs, I was quite happy to toss some of my research funds into an Iris to get involved with its dev and to support this community (even though I still think it's above a reasonable commercial price point). It would have been good experience for some of my senior undergrads. Unfortunately the US$200+ cost to ship an Iris to Australia is just absurd and so we non-US folk will be treated in the usual fashion as an unimportant market. Good luck with that 3DR... given the state of the hobbyist multirotor/drone market in the US and the negative regulatory/governance environment, I would have thought you'd be doing everything you can to develop your market overseas... and that would mean encouraging participation in your product development by non North Americans. Even if they manage to get shipping down under US$100, shipping from China is often much faster, is cheap or free and most Chinese manufacturers/distributors are always looking to compete on price... if you're going to compete against other RTF products you need to do better... relying on the "it's an extensible platform/product" isn't going to have much sway in the buying decision if it costs twice the price as similar products from Asia.

  • @ Shyam Look to the earlier posts in this thread. There are links to pictures.

  • ESC's should be 4 in 1, right? Any pictures for that :)

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