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Alex commented on Workswell's blog post New thermal imaging system from Workswell
"Looks interesting, what is the price/weight/size for this?"
Sep 18, 2017
Alex commented on Egor_FPV3DCam's blog post 3D FPV camera The BlackBird 2
"that is quite nice, any idea on the price?, will be interesting to see how it compares alongside the nerdcam3D FPV camera?"
Jun 9, 2015
Alex commented on UnmannedTechShop.co.uk's blog post DJI Phantom 3 Released!
"I do agree with many people, the phantom 3 does not have any new groundbreaking tech onboard, but given the price for all the gear that is packed into it (especially the HD video transmission) you cant really go wrong.  True it might not have all…"
Apr 9, 2015
Alex commented on Brandon Frazer's blog post UAV and UAV Landing Platform close to completion!
"Awesome stuff, I was just wondering if you are using anything special to control the landing onto the platform as I imagine regular GPS on its own is not accurate enough? I guess altitude is controller with the sonar, but what about position?"
Apr 16, 2014
Alex commented on benbojangles's blog post DIY $100 FPV Micro Quad
"Nice setup, and great diagrams too :-)  Looking forward to seeing future development!
I also found this Micro FPV setup which comes with a tiny camera and transmitter, I think they also sell a version with a SMA connector if you want to use a better…"
Jan 15, 2014
Alex commented on Sue Rosenstock's blog post 3DR's IRIS is now available for pre-order
"Great news!  I assume that means pixhawk will also start shipping soon?"
Nov 25, 2013
Alex commented on Dany Thivierge's blog post IRIS unboxing (photos)
"If you are based in europe and you want to get hold of an Iris I have seen that Unmannedtech shop sell the Iris now and have much cheaper shipping rates within UK/Europe"
Nov 8, 2013
Alex commented on Georacer's blog post Skywalker 2013 UAV platform completed
"Very nice build!  Could you provide some details of how you made the wings detachable?"
Oct 22, 2013
Alex commented on Philip's blog post FPV setup with raspberry Pi
"Thanks for sharing!.. I am just wondering how useful the FPV will be if its only over Wifi?  I guess performance would degrade if use GSM network?  Or possibly the streamer has some features built in to change quality depending on network?"
Oct 9, 2013
Alex commented on Usman Qayyum's blog post PID position Controller for Arducopter with VICON Measurements!
" Nice stuff :-)
Any chance of sharing the source code as I am interested in doing something similar (but not with vicon) and would be great to have something to start with."
Sep 1, 2013
Alex commented on Robert Krogh (hooks)'s blog post Mugin 3M v III
"Yeah, I do agree about the hump not being the best idea.. especially when an airframe like that seems to have loads of space already..  ALso it seems to be more of a block than a hump when looking at it from the font.  Is it something that can be…"
Jun 23, 2013
Alex commented on Khurram's blog post GE's ADEPT 3000 miniature Video Tracker revisited
"I think where we will see this reach us ( hobbyists ) first is from the automotive industry"
Jun 21, 2013
Alex commented on Andrew Tridgell's blog post Demonstration of CanberraUAV image search algorithm
"Great stuff and realy nice that you have shared it.. without having to study the code I would like to know what object detection algorithms you where using to find interesting features?  Where you using a NIR camera and just extracting regions with…"
Jun 21, 2013
Alex commented on Joshua Ott's blog post Thirty days (#24): More new product previews
"Very cool, are you also going to be adding some sort of vibration isolation like the one that UnmannedTech are selling?"
Jun 5, 2013
Alex commented on Joshua Ott's blog post Thirty Days (#23): New Product Preview
"My guess is a follow me box as I think its a Ublox GPS and telem radio/ but with some sort of GCS as I dont see what else the RPI would be used for?  And where does battery go?"
Jun 3, 2013
Alex commented on Chris Anderson's blog post How to hack a GoPro Hero 3 for FPV
"For Uk/europe unmanned tech shop sell a gopro 3 fpv cable too - http://www.unmannedtechshop.co.uk/gopro-3-compatible-fpv-cable.html"
May 13, 2013