DIY $100 FPV Micro Quad

Hi, I *finally* got round to recording video on my homemade fpv system. The quad is a WLToys V929:






I wrote a blog about how to build it here:

Basically, I make the Video transmitter like this:


Then the receiver is done like this:


I also made my own FPV Transmitter tray holder:


The Video came out OK, but I'm still learning how to fly (basically I suck at steering the quad right now)

I'm also attempting to build a tiny OSD to display altitude data and flight time. It's an ongoing project, but would love some input and feedback:


Thanks for reading.

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  • :-)  Someone named Trappy may have a comment. Thanks for adding the links on this page.

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    Impressive setup, great writeup, looking forward to hearing more about what you're doing!

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    Nice setup, and great diagrams too :-)  Looking forward to seeing future development!

    I also found this Micro FPV setup which comes with a tiny camera and transmitter, I think they also sell a version with a SMA connector if you want to use a better antenna.  

  • Nice, economic set up to get you FPv'ing and these little quads survive crashes very well.

    Consider the lighter micro cameras. MC495 is about 8~9g and these other micro cams are about 3~4g.

    It seems like those 4g you can save are not much but they are.... more so in the LadyBird version of MicroFPV quad. Also video quality of the smaller camera is very good.

    Good job and great post.

  • Very impressive. I look forward to following your continued development.
  • Pretty snazzy
  • Wow. I'm genuinely moved by your comment. Thanks.

  • I have a stock V929, and I am amazed at the custom system you built! Impressive capability with a limited investment, and a great way to learn and move toward a drone system. No doubt you have plans to go much further than adding an OSD. Thanks for sharing.

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