How to assemble with new diode?

I just received my APMv2 board from 3DR I purchased an un-assembled one so I cna use the right angle headers, but with it came two diodes (i think) one of the being a zener diode and I dont know where to solder them onto.

I would appreciate some help on where I should solder them.  I contacted 3DR help but I am still waiting for a reply which usualy takes a long time ;-(


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    Here are instructions on how to solder the new diode and fuse onto your Ardupilot Mega 2 board.


    Firstly you will get 2 components with your board.  A pico fuse (top), and a zeren diode (bottom)



    The fuse you need to solder onto your power input to your APM (either your ESC wire, or from your PDB if you are flying an arducopter)

    3692459720?profile=original 3692459769?profile=original

    Its a good idea to put some heat shrink over that to avoid shots.


    Next you must solder the zener diode onto your ardupilot mega board. 



    The diode is soldered onto your 5V and GND of the APM2 OUTPUT rail as shown above.  Make sure its connected the correct way around

  • Three weeks ago I assembled my un-assembled APM2. No Diodes, repeat.. there were no diodes in the kit.

    I did receive *jumpers* for header pins that are used if you choose power options for on/off the APM2 board.

    I did receive single pins for the mounting the onboard GPS module.

    Alex, you say "but with it came two diodes (i think) one of the being a zener diode"

    It is true that there is not much assembly instructions for the 'kit'. Here is what I received:


    Is what you received the same as the picture above?




  • Please share here if you got the answer from Tech support team.



  • I just came to post the same thing... Just assembled my board and there are no instructions about where to put these two components.

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