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  • Still looking forward to this gimbal :-)

  • Alex,

    Yes, but it's way better looking now!

  • Is this the same one going on the Iris?

  • Still no exact date, but it should be by the beginning of October or sooner.

  • Hi Joshua

    What's the status on release date for this gimbal? :)

  • Ok thank you Joshua :)

  • Hi Tommy,

    We are working on it as a high priority, I don't have an exact release date as of yet, but I will keep you informed as that date comes into focus. 

  • Does anyone have more information about this gimbal? Would like to order as soon as available :)

  • ...but it would be nice to have one on gimbal,maybe this one?and build gimbal around that

  • and for control instead wi fi u can use this and you can buy case from various sources...if you need one,most of gopro brusshless gimbal dont alow case....

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