APM 2.6 - TBS Discovery Build


Hello everyone,

I am super excited to be back on the board and ready to play with my new incoming APM! I have had some experience with the DJI Naza but I always felt that I was missing out on something. So here I am today about to begin my build.  

Here's the build:

TBS Discovery frame

APM 2.6 w/ external compass and uBlox GPS (Awaiting Shipping)

3DR Telemetry Kit (Awaiting Shipping)

4x RCTimer HP-2212 1000 kV Motors

4x RCTimer SK-30A SimonK ESCs

Turnigy 9XR

FrSky DJT Combo

4x RCTimer Carbon Fibre 9x4.7 Props

I picked the TBS Discovery for a bunch of reasons but I am really concerned about its integrated PCD bottom plate causing havoc with the APM. Does anyone have any suggestions?

I've searched far and wide on the web for similar APM TBS Discovery setups but I have been unable to find any photos or explanations about how to best connect & place everything. So if anyone has similar experience please chime in.

Eventually, I want to FPV but I need to hide some more cash away from the wife before I do that. So in the meantime, I'm looking forward to tinkering with the APM and playing the telemetry. 

I know everyone has a lot of experience here so please help me out with suggestions.

.... Sooooooo excited!

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  • Did this build work out?

  • Hello Pedro, I didn't use TBS Core because it's expensive...US$ 79.95. I had all necessary accessories for FPV and it works well. Another advantage is that you can unplug the FPV system easily to use in another aircraft...without weld!

  • Hello roberto,

    I just ordered my TBS Disco; I'll be using my APM2.5.  Did you not install the Core with your Disco? If so, why not? Thanks

  • Hello Tamos, in my case, I need a uBEC because my 4 ESCs are OPTO. I need to supply power to servos (gimbal) and LEDs and I can´t use it from APM.

  • newbie question.3691060468?profile=original

    what is the purpose of the ubec?

  • Well guys,

    I hate to admit it (cause this thread originally started out with my build) but I sold my APM 2.6 and bought a Naza v2. I got tired of tuning, tired of log surfing, tired of auto missions and tired of the vibration bullshit. Furthermore with the Pixhawk incoming, I thought I would give it a rest for a little bit and see how that FC pans out. 

    Just thought I should let you know seeing as this thread continues to grow...

  • @Roberto how about the flight time? do you have any props to compare with?

  • @Michael... The propellers 10x3.8 is better... it flies smooth. I´m using 4S battery.

  • @euan this is my night flight with 1:1.4 lens on my carbon TBS copy frame


  • This is the first video after my maiden. The settings are 95% there - the motor warbling is due to the alt hold program running. I had no problems getting my 2.5 stable and flying. 

    you tube vid

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