ESC Problems

So... I've had this situation happen to me twice now and I'm getting a little bit concerned. Are these ESCs heating up too much? Are the motors working them too hard? Did I do something wrong when I soldered on the bullet connectors? What is going on?


4x RCTimer HP-2212 1000 kV Motors

4x RCTimer SK-30A SimonK ESCs

4x RCTimer Carbon Fibre 9x4.7 Props

3S 3800 mAh LiPo


As you can see.. there is no tension on the ESC to motors wires. They are loose the entire time.


The wire simply rips off the PCB paper? Are these heating up too much? 

The ESCs are warm after flying but I don't think it is anything unusual. 

Any suggestions?

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  • I had thermal issues where there was a "dodgy" connection between an ESC/Motor. Take a look here for more details:

    If you take your time and test it slowly under controlled conditions, you should be able to see if a motor/esc is heating up more quickly than the others.

  • check for vibrations. are the heavy connectors allowed to oscillate ?

    - in case the PCB itself is bad, the pads should be easy to tear off ant part of the PCB, that would be an odd manufacturing error.

    The third option, is that too high temperature/long time have been used during soldering.

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