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Andre K. replied to Alexander's discussion Arduheli on 3DR Solo cube?
"Because, if you mean the ESC trouble it had, then it is not really a cube issue, if ESC's are 3.3v TTL level compatible.That was the bad combination of IO buffer voltage of 3v3 and ESC's that worked at 5v levels.for more details:…"
May 24, 2020
Andre K. replied to Alexander's discussion Arduheli on 3DR Solo cube?
"Yes, but what do you mean by "hardware issues with the cube" ?"
May 24, 2020
Andre K. replied to Erik Hatch's discussion Old APM Hardware
"APM1.0 / ardupilot mega shield is long time unsupported.
Much faster microcontrollers and more RAM/FLASH have enabled much nice features on newer hardware , like EKF.
That said, I bet what you have still flies :)

The Remzibi OSD should work fine as…"
Apr 11, 2020
Andre K. replied to Livia Fragoso Pimentel's discussion Mission Planner Vs MAVProxy
"It doesn't matter what tool you use to configure the ardupilot.
You could also run both GCS,  be sure to check out APMPlanner2 or QGroundcontrol, so you don't need to involve windows in your operations."
Jan 17, 2020
Andre K. replied to Todd Brown's discussion Tethered flight
"You need to engage a decent electronics engineer, it's trivial to step up the he voltage onboard the ship to a few hundred volts, and then reduce it onboard the UAV to whatever it needs.
Take tethered Solo kit as inspiration."
Jan 14, 2020
Andre K. replied to Jian's discussion High altitude security inspection test
"Nice, but the camera stabilization should be worked on."
Oct 19, 2019
Andre K. replied to Thomas Dunlop's discussion Interestin RC controller, Kinda like to try it
"Please stop spamming the forum.
If the product is as dishonest as the marketing practice.... Noone will want it."
Aug 2, 2019
Andre K. replied to Luke Dillon's discussion Pixhawk esc calibration and low avionics voltage
"Do not fly on 4.8v , it would be dangerous.
Use a multimeter to verify that you have good voltage on both 5v supply."
May 13, 2019
Andre K. replied to Ben Tan's discussion Using 3DR Solo with Mission Planner and Mission Maker/Tower app
"For flying Solo as a video-tool, use Solex.
For flying it for photogrammetry, QGroundControl (QGC) is your best choice
- be sure to upgrade to OpenSolo or latest Community Solo  firmware unless you installed a Green Cube or modified Solo cube."
Apr 20, 2019
Andre K. replied to Emanuele Della Volpe's discussion Changing PID during Mission
"Your gcs, or onboard computer can easily update the appropriate parameters.
Also, for most configurations, an increased load, does not require change to PIDs to still fly well."
Feb 19, 2019
Andre K. replied to Alessio Zatti's discussion Propellers oversized
"No, you won't damage motors by size only.
If you force motors to produce higher power (W) than designed for, they can be overheated and damaged.
You should look into the various ways ArduCopter can limit max throttle/current,  and test properly.  "
Feb 7, 2019
Andre K. replied to Fran's discussion Are there any plans to support Skycontroller 2 on Ardu Mission Planner?
"It has nothing to do with mission planner .
Your questions are really;
Will Ardupilot/ArduPlane handle RC input from Skycontroller2 ?
And FPV video... "
Feb 3, 2019
Andre K. replied to Tomtom Express's discussion Ardupilot or other system on a biplane
"A biplane does not require any thing special from ardupilot, it will work just fine, tailsitters are supported to."
Jan 27, 2019
Andre K. replied to Sky Racer's discussion pixhawks DEAD don't buy
"What a bold, but stupid claim.
I bet thousands of professional users would like to know some, or all of the mistakes you made, but will never know because you did not post any logs."
Jan 8, 2019
Andre K. replied to Manu Go's discussion Is this design feasible?
"Like all ducted fan designs, it should perform rather poorly at speed"
Dec 27, 2018
Andre K. replied to Levent's discussion Airspeed
"Replicator ?"
Dec 25, 2018