Old APM Hardware

Hi Everyone,

Years ago I was flying missions and I still have the hardware. I was thinking to try again but this stuff is old. I wanted to know should I rip it out and start over or try to resurrect this stuff?

I even have an old rembizi OSD. honestly I don't remember how to program this stuff either. See below:


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  • Ok, I think I will upgrade to some newer equipment. I have wires flying all over the place and long time since I used a window machine too. 

    I have both fixed wing and rotor. Do you think pix hawk would be a good AP for both platforms?

    Thanks for your help!

  • APM1.0 / ardupilot mega shield is long time unsupported.
    Much faster microcontrollers and more RAM/FLASH have enabled much nice features on newer hardware , like EKF.
    That said, I bet what you have still flies :)

    The Remzibi OSD should work fine as before, because it only needs MAVLink1.0 to work.
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Aug 25