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Interested in flying drones to solve problems and sometimes simply for the breath-taking views



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Ben Tan posted a discussion
Hi folks, I am trying to connect a Raspberry Pi 3 to the Pixhawk module in a 3DR Solo drone for the purpose of implementing an autonomous school robotics project. The purpose of the Raspberry is for computer vision and to send command messages via…
May 28, 2019
Ben Tan replied to Fco Campos's discussion Dronekit.io site down, someone have a backup
"This issue is being discussed in github with some solutions :

Meantime, you can try the following links:

or access from…"
May 11, 2019
Ben Tan replied to Ben Tan's discussion Using 3DR Solo with Mission Planner and Mission Maker/Tower app
"Hi, thanks for replying. I noted the recommendations. I am currently running short of time to learn another software. 
If I am constraint to using MP or Tower, what are the exact steps to follow to activate the drone to fly the waypoints/missions…"
Apr 22, 2019
Ben Tan commented on Tiziano Fiorenzani's blog post Implementing a simple Trajectory Tracking algorithm with Python
"Sir, could you please enlighten how one should go about implementing proportional navigation guidance in Dronekit? "
Apr 22, 2019
Ben Tan replied to Bill K's discussion How does MAVLink, Mission Planner, and Pixhawk come together?
"I am also working on a similar project and interested to find out more.
So far, I found a related blog post on controlling drones using Python through the Dronekit libraries.
Apr 18, 2019
Ben Tan posted a discussion
Hi all, I have searched through the forums using the keywords in the title, but have not really found a definitive answer. I am trying to program waypoints for a 3DR Solo drone for a school project so that it flies a certain defined…
Apr 18, 2019