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Bill K replied to Cameron W's discussion Importing Non-Standard Python Modules (pygame) to Be Used in Scripts
"Does anyone have a solution to this? I am also having the same problem"
Jun 10, 2014
Bill K replied to Bill K's discussion How does MAVLink, Mission Planner, and Pixhawk come together?
"As a note, I have already browsed through these forums for several days, and I have already read the MAVLink for dummies article somewhere in this forum."
Jun 5, 2014
Bill K posted a discussion
Hi. I was wondering how the whole MAVLink, Mission Planner, and PX4 Pixhawk all come together in terms of sending and receiving information. From what I've read so far, MAVLink is a protocol, Mission planner interprets incoming and outgoing…
Jun 5, 2014