as the Parrot Disco flightplanner freeflight.pro is really not useful some questions:

Is anyone aware, if there are any plans to support Skycontroller 2 on Ardu Mission Planner?
Will the Parrot Disco 4G hack get support?
Will the FPV of the Disco work in Ardu?

Any timeframes on this?

Keep up the good work.



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  • Fran, this is possibly not the best place to get an answer to this question. If you haven't already, I  would suggest you try the Ardupilot forum, possibly under the Arduplane subforum.

    Also, if you have some cash to throw at this, you might consider hiring a developer to look into it, have a look at the list at the docs page (it looks as if a lot of the dev work on the Disco was done by Andrew Tridgell).

    ArduPilot Discourse
    ArduPilot Discussion Server
  • It has nothing to do with mission planner .

    Your questions are really;

    Will Ardupilot/ArduPlane handle RC input from Skycontroller2 ?

    And FPV video... 

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