• In theory, ducted fans give a increased static thrust for the same rotor size when compared to an open propellor, if designed well. However, the duct complicates the air flow and this becomes more of a problem with a design like yours as the aircraft transitions into forward flight.

    It also makes life harder for the flight controller, but they are now so good, that it's hopefully not a critical problem.

    The large flat fuselage will tend to act like a wing at a negative angle of attack, thus reducing lift from the rotors.

    It short, it looks feasible to me, bit not an ideal configuration. As with most things in aerodynamics, the answer is not at all simple and depends on the application.

    I recommend "Aerodynamics of V/STOL flight" by McCormick, it's practical and informative.


  • Like all ducted fan designs, it should perform rather poorly at speed

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