Hi all, I have searched through the forums using the keywords in the title, but have not really found a definitive answer. I am trying to program waypoints for a 3DR Solo drone for a school project so that it flies a certain defined course.


1)  A lot youtube videos and forum posts dwell on plotting the waypoints and appending landing and takeoff, but I am still clueless on how to actually get the drone to actually start the mission ?

a) are these the correct steps in Mission Planner:

"In flight data check to make sure the map Matches the one made in flight editor. Click on the action tab on the left and change the top option to start mission. Click arm drone and then select start mission. Wait for solo to complete the mission and land." 

Besides the above steps, do I need to set throttle to some position or change the flight mode to "Auto" in the action tab in MP ?

b) what about the steps in Mission Maker (i assume this is the Tower app renamed in Google play store?)

After uploading waypoints, simply change flight mode from 'loiter' to 'Auto' ? 

2) Is it possible to see the lat long coordinates of waypoints in the Mission Maker/Tower app? If so, how do I do this in the app? Currently it seems to rely on finger taps on the screen. 

3) Is it possible to plot waypoints in MP, upload to the drone and subsequently amend or start the same mission using Mission Maker/Tower app?

4) What about the reverse? i.e. plot waypoints in Mission Maker/Tower app, upload to the drone and subsequently amend or start the same mission using MP?

I am a noob here and appreciate if someone can enlighten on these queries. I have only limited access to airspace for the project and need to iron these issues before heading out for field trials. Thank you very much in advance.

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  • Hi, thanks for replying. I noted the recommendations. I am currently running short of time to learn another software. 

    If I am constraint to using MP or Tower, what are the exact steps to follow to activate the drone to fly the waypoints/missions that I setup in the software ?

  • For flying Solo as a video-tool, use Solex.

    For flying it for photogrammetry, QGroundControl (QGC) is your best choice

    - be sure to upgrade to OpenSolo or latest Community Solo  firmware unless you installed a Green Cube or modified Solo cube.

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