Arduheli on 3DR Solo cube?

Can someone please confirm that Arduheli can be installed on 3DR Solo Cube without issues? Since they can be bought for cheap and are small and compact I'm looking at getting one for hobby project.
Before you ask, yes, I'm aware of all the hardware issues with the cube. Used to work professionally with the stuff.

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  • Because, if you mean the ESC trouble it had, then it is not really a cube issue, if ESC's are 3.3v TTL level compatible.
    That was the bad combination of IO buffer voltage of 3v3 and ESC's that worked at 5v levels.
    for more details:

    3DR Solo Cube 5v modification (Run ArduCopter safely with stock cube)
    • I agree!
  • Yes, but what do you mean by "hardware issues with the cube" ?

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