8 Feb I purchased a $400 modified gopro.  very prompt shipping.

~1 march the gimbal was completed , and we discovered that the camera just got hot, and did not work.  I sent email to info@peau...

We did not had time for returns so I just ordered another right away.

3 Mars I sent another email to Ryan@peau.. about the defective camera,and  purchased another $400 modified gopro.

There were NO reply from Peau Productions to my emails, but order confirmation and shipping of another camera was quick !

Today, 13 March - I tried the second camera.  The closest thing it gets to do anything , is to flash the front red light when connected to USB ,display does not show anything, unable to turn on,  the red LED is about 2sec on, then off for 0.5s , repeating...

So - two of two cameras are defective , nobody cares to answer mail, my project is delayed.

or.. is this only very, very, bad luck ?

- Just mailed them all asking the same...  maybe there will be a response, some day.

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  • last update: 

    The promise to send a working camera was a lie.  I got no tracking info from DHL like I normally would.

    Today , I asked PayPal to step in for buyer protection,  

    - first they offered me a tracking number that led to "shipment information recieved" created today as a response to paypal claim.

    - I'll take the refund.

  • Sorry to hear about your problems.  I have ordered quite a few times from them.  They have always been really helpful and very prompt with their communications.  

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  • I've worked with Peau Productions several times over the last few years, and each time they did a good job for me at a reasonable price and with excellent communication. I had two GoPro's modified, and they even swapped out and focused a lens I didn't buy from them in my Git2.

    Although I've built all manner of electronic equipment, from tube amps to complex UAV, I still managed to screw up a lens swap in one of my GoPro. They fixed that for cheap.

    I have no doubt lots of us have the aptitude to do lots of things but there's a limit to how many things I can learn to do well or efficiently, and for now I'd rather have them do something right than me learn to do it all over again.

    I don't have any connection to these guys at all. I've just had three seperate positive interactions and liked the service and direct communication enough to want to relate my experience. This isn't to say something may have gone wrong, but the last one was only a couple months ago and my experience was overwhelmingly positive for what it's worth.

    Steve Welebny
    KS Engineers
  • Andre - depending on your needs I suggest you look at GitUp 2. http://www.gitup.com/16-lens

    They are not 4K but the stills are prety good (the sensor is good), and the 2k video is good. They have a range of 90 degree lens, and can be controlled from your RC by PWM with a cable they sell. They are very proactive on firmware development for UAV use. 

  • Andre -- putting a 60 degree rectinlear lens into a hero 4 Black is literally 10 minutes work. Done it many times. Google it. You can get the lens for $50. Focus with a big flat screen TV and an HDMI cable. Do not spend $600. Their Supermount lens holder is probably not a bad upgrade though -- no so hard to install. I agree 2 bad cameras looks bad.

  • 2 orders for Gopro4Black + 60degree@4k lens  , first one, then another when it was DOA , just because I did not had time to wait for return/service.    - but the second order was propmptly handled even as the first service email was unanswered.

    They ignored todays emails as well.   Both defective are returned.

    I too assume they have been in business for real, but now are struggling and maybe just juggling some defective goods left in stock.

    I'll write VISA on Tuesday.

  • I do not think they are scammers. Been around a while. What did you order BTW?

  • Well. I was promised a replacement unit the same day they bothered to answer.

    I also got return labels, I sent the two cameras in return, never heard back, I emailed both persons two days in row - no answer, no message from DHL to me.

    WORST service ever.  It seems like next sucker will get to buy those two defective cameras, recycle & repeat !

  • Good to hear .  It is a small company . I never got the impression that their customer service is poor . I deal with a mail order company out of Arizona . I almost never get the owner directly . Usually , my call back number is used before i ever get to talk to the owner.

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