Please add parameter to exclude failsafe for AUTO

For some AUTO missions, failsafe needs to be disabled. When the mission prohibits heading towards home from any point (could hit a mountain) or is expected to fly beyond reliable control range.  Even momentary RTL can be disruptive for aerial photo mission.

If failsafe is completely disabled, then we lose a good safety feature before and after the autonomous mission.

Please add:

if MODE=AUTO  and FS_AUTO  = "1" - then  let failsafe condition use setting in FS_SHORT_ACTN  or FS_LONG_ACTN

if MODE=AUTO and FS_AUTO = "0" - then resume mission and inhibit use of failsafe actions

I added it to:

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  • Developer

    Hi Andke,

    I think this would be a good option, perhaps called FS_AUTO_ENABLE.

    Can you create the issue in our new issue tracker, the old google code one isn't used any more.

    Cheers, Tridge

This reply was deleted.