Tower(Droidplanner) evolution and features.

At some point, Droidplanner changed name to Tower, and suddenly seemed 3DR services - an additional application.

Beside the bloating of the phone/tablet with extra icons apps, , what good reason is there to need two separate applications ?

The acute "need" for 3DR services makes me a bit sceptic to Tower and what other features is mucgt bering around, or leak data.

Grid planning seems to be gone too - is there any reason for that ?

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  • I'm a newbie to the drone world, having just built and flown a F450. I have been wrestling with the APM Planner on Mac since I don't have access to a windows computer.

    I've just obtained an Android tablet and am waiting for a USB OTG adapter and am hopeful that Droid Planner will be able to fill in some of the holes left by APM Planner (I don't mean to be critical of APM PLanner. I realize that it's a work in progress and sincerely appreciate the effort going into its development).

    As to "Tower", I'm hoping that it will not eventually evolve into a vendor specific tool. Does it currently have any more capabilities than Droid Planner?

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