• oh lord cant believe anyone hasnt mentioned it.....   , the best online one IMHO

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    Both Mission Planner and APM Planner will do that:

    • Hi Chris, yes, I would leke to see APM Planner do that, (as it's the only reliable,  true multiplatform GCS of those two)

      But when I refer to "in a map" and  "like droneshare"  - a 3d model of a RPAS that actually visualizes the altitude and movements..

      But once I have you here, I can ask 3DR to contribute to further APM Planner development, it's a great, *reliable* tool , that can run on thrustworthy and reliable OS.  APM Planner that could use some extra features. so some time for it's programmer(s) would be nice.

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        Have you tried QGroundControl?

        3DR is focused on cloud and mobile based systems, not desktop. You'll see a cloud-based replacement for Droneshare soon, based on Dronekit Cloud

        • Cloud-based stuff is a no-go for lots of missions, professional use often demands operations where there is no cellular/data coverage, and iridium is very, very slow (useless for such use)

          Also, many professional missions require travel to destinations, there it's not an option to risk service downtime, ISP problems, etc.  Professional use requires self-contained GCS.

          While I assume you are better informed than me, I don't get the Dronekit-Cloud info to fit with my knowledge ,  could you please read this:

          It basically sais that Dronekit-Cloud and Droneshare is to be shut down.

          DroneShare and DroneKit-Cloud will be closing on March 31st, 2016 · Issue #167 · dronekit/droneshare
          Dear DroneKit-Cloud and DroneShare users, As of March 31st, 2016 the DroneKit team will be permanently shutting down both DroneShare and DroneKit-Clo…
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            Yes, that's why we focus Mobile as well as Cloud (the two go hand-in-hand). Phones and tablets are so powerful now that there seems little point in dragging laptops to the field.  Still self-contained, but based on Android and iOS, not desktop OSs.

            The current Dronekit-Cloud is being replaced by a new version, which the internal 3DR cloud software is based on. Similar architecture, but a lot more powerful. You'll see that in next quarter. 

            • Yes, big Android tablets may prove to work fine, currently Tower is of no use in many areas only due to the lack of maps compared to APM Planner , and it's does not really look like it's designed to use custom maps at all.

              Another issue is it's GUI making it hard to plan multi-altitude missions in mountainous terrain, one need to be able to see topographic maps below, and correct each WP altitude.

              Finally, it's a shame that Tower does not save missions in the Mavlink waypoint format (QGC) - that other GCS are using, this is another problem for advanced missions that need to me mass edited or auto-verified by a script.

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                You also might want to check out uGCS

                • I am aware of it, but long before paying entry at $2000+400 for Pro version, I would hire  an freelancer to do any extras in APM Planner2 or Qgroundcontrol long before..

                  Why is "PRO" essential ?  - because we rather often operate near or from airports, (according to operation permission from CAA , and in agreement with air traffic controllers  of course)

                  and there is no Linux version yet, so I'll wait for it to mature anyway,

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