3689543184?profile=originalThe Sky Drone FPV system is a fully digital long range and low latency video transfer system for DIY drones and remote controlled vehicles. Sky Drone FPV utilizes 3G & 4G/LTE networks and automatically adapts the video transmission frame by frame to bandwidth availability, ensuring minimal latency in data transmission. The data transfer between hardware and the groundstation app is AES-256 encrypted, so even the NSA can't hack into your video feeds. Telemetry data from a connected 3D Robotics APM board that is transmitted via MAVLink can be plotted on the live FPV video stream as a Head Up Display (HUD).

Complete with a groundstation application for iOS, Android and BlackBerry pilots receive real-time full HD FPV video straight on his or her smartphone or tablet. A unique feature of the Sky Drone FPV is the option to take 5 megapixel high quality still images during flight. The images are instantly transmitted to the app while the video keeps running.

Sky Drone FPV is currently running an Indiegogo Campaign to raise money to complete the last stages of the Sky Drone FPV development and take it into production. In exchange for your financial support, Sky Drone has some amazing offers. Early Birds who pledge just $ 349 USD receive are the first to receive the full Sky Drone FPV set. This offer is limited to just 99 sets. Head over the Sky Drone Indiegogo Campaign page to get more details as well as a demo video of the Sky Drone FPV.

For more information, please head over to our Indiegogo campaign: http://skydrone.aero/fpv-indiegogo
We invite you to share your comments and questions either on this blog/forum or via email to info@skydrone.aero.

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  • Real END-TO-END LATENCY shots published for Sky Drone FPV project, showing 170ms and 184ms end-to-end latency with the prototype setup. We will make sure to end up at <150ms at launch!

    Please take a look at the update yourself here: http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/sky-drone-fpv/x/3767302?c=activity

    We've also included how we tested it, so you can reproduce this very same test with your own FPV system and compare.

  • Hi everyone,

    We had been asked to provide more information and more technical insight to our development process. We have made a demo video for that. Hope this helps a bit:

  • The BlackBerry platform is actually a pretty good base platform as it is based on many open standards (e.g. the OS is based on QNX and POSIX compliant). Furthermore are we using OpenGL ES for the UI to make it easily portable. And as HeliStorm mentioned, the Sky Drone FPV groundstation app will also be available for Android and iOS.

  • I am pretty sure they are not basing it entirely on Blackberry. I saw Android too. I got my Playbook gratis, and it is really a nice piece of hardware though. Anyway...
  • Interesting but... Blackberry is up for sale and the Playbook is dead, why on earth are you basing your software on this platform? 

  • Great idea - we definitively thought about this. It is currently however out of the project scope, but we might implement it and make it available via software update in the future.

  • Fantastic response SkyDrone, dealing with difficult individuals is a skill that takes much patience. Now, what about being able to send rc commands via LTE, and truly have an all-in-one unlimited range FPV platform?
  • Hi Zedtwitz,
    seems you have had a bad experience with Indegogo. I am sorry for that. I agree, there have been scam projects on the platform, but that does not mean all projects on Indiegogo are scams.

    And yes you are right, the idea to do FPV over a cellular network is not new. I believe though that there has not been a useful out of the box implementation yet - that's what we are going to deliver.

  • Have you actually read any of those threads? I see nothing the compares to the cohesiveness and soundly built product you see here. This is the second thread on diydrones you've crapped all over in the past 5 minutes. Pay no mind to this guy, everyone.

  • cool project.


    Telemetry and Video over 3G with android

    we did some sucessfull testing, with android smartphones, which have been connected to apm over BT. We also used the cam for ip-video and some other usefull things (dyndns, tracking ...).





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