TBS Discovery Build - In Progress


Here's the build finally assembled... (I'd say complete but we all know none of these projects are ever complete!)

Included Parts/Accessories:

TBS Discovery frame

APM 2.6 w/ external compass and uBlox GPS

3DR Telemetry Kit 

4x RCTimer HP-2212 1000 kV Motors

4x RCTimer SK-30A SimonK ESCs

Turnigy 9XR

FrSky DJT Combo

4x RCTimer Carbon Fibre 9x4.7 Props

So here it is.. finally! I used my old Flamewheel arms on it as I'm flying without FPV gear for now and I need a reference for the front of the quad; the red arms do this job nicely. As you'll notice, I have a combo wrench set sitting on the front of the quad for counterbalance as I'm in the market for a GoPro and I haven't quite convinced the wife that we need one yet. Ideally, I'd like the Radio Rx at the rear of the quad (where the battery sensor is) but I didn't have long enough servo leads, so it stays where it is for now. 


The placement of the GPS and 3DR Radio Telemetry fit nicely on the top plate. I'm amazed at how well this GPS does at acquiring it's location. Almost instantaneously when I power on the quad. Having the Telemetry as a beginner adds a nice level of reassurance as to what mode I'm in, the GPS is functioning and everything is working like it is supposed too.


Putting everything together was a simple process. The configuration took a little more time and effort but after completing the "Mid Throttle" and "Saved Trim" processes tonight, I've got this thing flying smooth! 

Very impressed... and I'm just getting started.  

I primarily used the ArduCopter webpage for reference and a few 3DR YouTube Videos to assist in the configuration process. Very good job on the compilation of information on there - much cleaner and easier to follow then what was previously available. 

I had to make some adjustments to my Turnigy 9XR during my maiden flight as I had AIL and RUD mixed up. I also had to invert my ELE as it seemed upside down to me. But with the 9XR and er9x, it was no problem at all. Very easy to do... and I have to send a personal thanks to Oliver Sumpton for pointing me in the right direction with that remote. I'll be sure to post my radio settings and helpful hints on its configuration in the future (once I've confirmed I have everything setup like it should be)

I have "Roll and Pitch Tuning" to complete next but I doubt that I'll need much of an adjustment as this sucker is flying pretty damn smooth already. I find it very snappy!

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  • I have a similar frame, and one thing I have noticed is do not put your battery at the back, put it underneath or on top.

  • I did a flight today and saw in the HUD 93% Bad packet loss for the Telemetry. I'm confused. Does this mean that 93 out of every 100 packets are bad?

  • http://copter.ardupilot.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/2/2013/07/sele...

    It's the frame type underneath the highlighted frames.

    (Sorry, I'm on my iPhone so I can't attach the pic)
  • Where do you find the V-frame setup in MP?

  • As long as the GPS continues to work great where it is, I'm not going to move it. I never liked the pole/mast thing... It's always felt like raising up the sacrificial lamb for slaughter to me.

    I am using the V frame setup (maybe V isn't the proper letter but you know I mean).

    For mid throttle, check out the Arducopter pages. Basically, put the copter in a hover for 30 secs, read the log then set your midpoint param to whatever the average throttle amount was as noted in your log.

    Glad to see, people are enjoying my build so far. As time progresses this copter is only going to get sexier and sexier. ;)
  • Oh and fishing weight on the front would work for a counter balance. The GoPro with case is approx 180g. I'm still trying to convince my wife I need one too. Her reply is always "for all that extreme sporting you do right?"
  • Glad to see a lot more Discovery builds. If you solder the leads on the underside and in the rear top plate you wouldn't need long cables for your receiver. I've been flying 10in props on a 3s with some pretty decent results. Today I'm working from home so I can get some tuning done with new 4s lipos and 9in APC props.
  • Are you going to program custom motor mixes? Or are you going to use the v-frame in mission planner?
  • When you already have an external compass - put in on a pole - works better there :).

  • What did you have to do for "midthrottle"? I've never done this on my previous quads. 

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