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  • Here's version of it- the GhoulCopter:  The neighborhood kids loved it at Halloween.  Next, maybe a Tie Fighter quad...

  • what the HELL did I just watch?????
    Andrew, you are one sick puppy.


  • This is my second post so sort of an introduction as well.  I made a Halloween tutorial on surgically removing your eye and modifying it with helicopter parts for aerial videography.  It's a spoof on an eye makeup tutorial on someone's channel...

    hope the link embedding works I'm not sure I'm doing it right..

  • You made the Toronto news this morning.

  • Looks like someone made a gif and posted over at failblog in the WIN section

  • Cool, yes, but not my Idea. I got the video off youtube, its not my copter, I just thought it was nice.

  • I just saw your above video posted on Toronto's CP24 news channel! The news casters were talking about how cool your idea was...
  • MR60

    LOL. Super idea

  • This is one of the best ideas yet. You've inspired me to build one of these to use on campus during Halloween. I'll let you all know how it goes!

  • Fantastic! The movement is perfect, well done!

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