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Ryan replied to Dimitris Tripakis's discussion Are the Pixhawk or APM or other auto-pilots fully programmable ?
"Be advised, it won't be as simple as just changing the P parameter in the PID controller. There are values that are stable and those that are unstable. Also, having zero correction means it won't hold it position at all without input from a pilot.…"
Sep 16, 2014
Ryan replied to Manny Martinez's discussion Looking for a AGILE 1000mm Quadcopter build
"If the only reason you want it big is for a target, the quad doesn't have to be built that big, just has to look that big. Large arms to support the motors are much heavier that a stick to hold a sensor. You could also probably make it…"
Sep 10, 2014
Ryan commented on Ron Isaksen's blog post Fun AquaCopter .... But looking for the NEW thing?
Jan 22, 2014
Ryan posted a discussion
Hi all,I am curious about the option in the mission planner to "Point Camera Here" (Right click on the map under flight data). I am assuming that it will, using your gimbal, point the camera at the specified point in space regardless of the…
Jan 1, 2014
Ryan replied to Markus Horeld's discussion APM 2.5 says: No dataflash inserted
"I'm, having this problem as well. Has anyone contacted 3DR about this?
The problem is that I'm having trouble with my APM consistently climbing when in loiter regardless of throttle input but I can't really diagnose it without logs."
Nov 28, 2013
Ryan posted a discussion
I am interested in adding a video link to my multirotor. In looking at the frequencies available it seems that 900MHz seems to work the best. Best range/watt and does not get blocked easily. However, I would like to keep my telemetry link 915MHz…
Oct 29, 2013
Ryan commented on Wessie's blog post How to scare the porridge out of the kids this halloween
"Looks like someone made a gif and posted over at failblog in the WIN section

Oct 24, 2013
Ryan posted a discussion
Hi all,I recently bought and built a y6. All seems to be working well except in auto mode. After it reaches each waypoint, it turns towards the next and loses a lot of altitude. It ends up gaining it back on its way to the next waypoint only to lose…
Oct 16, 2013
Ryan commented on Joshua Ott's blog post Iris Details: #4 Android Apps Overview
"Car companies advertise their cars with tires on them (and profit from such advertising), but somebody else made them."
Sep 11, 2013
Ryan replied to Ryan's discussion Fixing a Damaged Chip
"I eventually got the chip soldered back on, and the multimeter is giving a solid 3.3v (no O-scope). I can get stabilize mode working but only with USB connected. I read the excerpt in the troubleshooting guide about this problem but it worked before…"
Sep 9, 2011
Ryan posted a discussion
I had the unfortunate circumstance of crashing my APM head first into the ground. Upon testing the board, everything seemed to work from the CLI but it would not work (No Mavlink, no stabilize mode) in flight mode. When  I looked closer at the IMU,…
Sep 6, 2011
Ryan replied to Johann Van Niekerk's discussion APM/IMU camera Stabilization
"Here's an interesting stabilization technique.
Sep 1, 2011
Ryan commented on Sam Kelly's blog post ArduPilotMega + Spektrum satellite Rx -- NOW AVAILABLE
"I figured that the range wouldn't be better but will it get worse."
Aug 25, 2011
Ryan commented on Sam Kelly's blog post ArduPilotMega + Spektrum satellite Rx -- NOW AVAILABLE
"Does anybody have an idea of the range you get with this compared to the standard receiver setup?"
Aug 24, 2011
Ryan replied to Michael Foersterling's discussion Gyro/DIP problem
"Try switching the servo leads. That is, plug the left servo where the right one is on the APM and vice versa."
Jul 3, 2011
Ryan replied to karl m's discussion IMU Gyro Problem.
"I am having the EXACT same problem. The funny thing is, is that I had a successful flight (I was able to use stabilize mode), then I uploaded some way points to try out the autopilot function when the aforementioned began. Now I can't even get it to…"
Jul 3, 2011