Iris Details: #4 Android Apps Overview

This is a video showing an overview of operating Iris via an Android tablet. Although we always have an RC transmitter in the mix, as a backup, the Android apps provide a very convenient way to maintain a telemetry and control link with the vehicle.

In the weeks ahead, we will be making some in-depth video tutorials on using all these different functions.




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  • Developer

    Hi Rob, yep - I guess for your device you need that 40 pin adapter.

  • To add to my last.  I found this  If I have it right, the bottom piece would be the antenna that would connect to the USB port on my tablet and the other piece would go on the Iris?  So, I went back to the Iris product details showing what comes with the package, and it states the package includes the following:  "

    • Micro USB ground station connector cable
    • Android tablet USB adapter
    • Radio telemetry ground module in 915 or 433 Mhz"

    Perhaps this means it will include the antenna I would need to connect to my tablets USB port, so I can stop worrying about having to come up with a suitable antenna??  Do I have this right?

  • @Kevin

    The picture above shows the antenna connected to a circuit board, so still a bit confused.  Can someone post a link to ANY suitable antenna source so I can know I am looking at the right type of antenna?  TIA.

  • I think I answered my own last question.  On my Asus Transformer Infinity (TF700), the only port I have, is a female micro HDMI (which apparently wouldn't work).  HOWEVER, you can get an adapter for the 40 pin connector (normally attaches to the dock) that converts to a USB port.  Hopefully, that will give me the connection I'll need.

  • What port would it plug into on a tablet?  Micro HDMI?  USB?  Or????  Should it be compatible with most Android tablets?  Personally, I have a Asus Transformer Infinity.  Will this be suitable? 

    What about phones?  Most phones only have USB or audio I'm assuming it would connect to the USB port?

    Hope these questions aren't too dumb.  Just getting started in this, but the bug has bitten in a big way.  No way I'm backing out.  Just wish I had been aware years ago, what is available...I had NO clue.

  • Developer

    It is the 915 or 400MHz antenna needed to talk to the vehicle.  You just plug it in and go...

  • Can someone explain the external antenna setup? 

  • Developer


    Being the main developer of DroidPlanner I can say that 3DR has helped a lot with the project, be it with hardware or code (they are starting up on that).

  • Car companies advertise their cars with tires on them (and profit from such advertising), but somebody else made them.

  • MR60

    actually, the new 2013 version of the NExus is close to 600 nits for a very good low price !

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