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I just got my skyfun in from HK and after my first flight I can definitely say it's underpowered. I've google some motor upgrades for it but they all seem to have 1 thing in mind...speed. I want to throw my APM in it so I dont need or necessarily want all that speed. I'm wondering what some others have done with this airframe and made it a successful UAV.


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  • Hello everybody,

    My name is Alain, from France (my apologies for any grammar mistakes, and luckily you can spare the outrageous accent).

    I'm working on a personal project, involving a Skyfun (already playing around with a Multiplex Twinstar)


    The more I'm reading about motor choice the more I get confused, so here's my plans:

    On the Skyfun, I am planning put:

    the APM mega + airspeed sensor + xbee+ gps (+ off course receiver and servos)

    and a Gopro.

    I'm not necessary looking for high speed flights, if I get up to 100km/h (55Mph roughly) that would be more than enough.

    After many hours losing myself in different forums and comparing different option:

    I come up with this combination:

    this engine: link (I have also think of that one but not quite sure though: link ) with a 60A ESC and a 3300mA 3S lipo

    Do you think that will do the job?


    Thanks in advance


    PS: Still not sure about the prop though...


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    I have flown several SkyFun with ArduPilot/APM and found the (GL/BP/BL) 2212-6 to be a great motor choice.  Plenty of power for this application and pretty inexpensive ($15-$20).  Looks like my usual suppliers (Grayson hobby, BP hobby) are out of stock, but you might find one around somewhere.
  • A huge range of motors can be used on the skyfun. I have run a Turnigy 2836-3700kv, Turnigy 3542-1450kv  and even a Rimfire .32 800kv but most of these were for speed 140km/h +. For a moderate power upgrade something around the 30mm size and a kv of around 1400-1800 would be good.
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