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Paul Thompson posted a discussion
G'day Everybody.Well I finally finished building a new quad and put APM 2.0 on it, have to say I was very impressed, no PID changes needed, and very solid Alt hold. Did several test flights, everything on the board seemed to be functioning ok until…
Jan 8, 2012
Paul Thompson commented on ARHEXA's blog post Hexa project: gathering hardware...
"Must have spent a lot of time drilling holes. I did the same on my large quad, was a very disappointed how minor the weight reduction was."
May 30, 2011
Paul Thompson replied to Trent's discussion RIP Skyfun
"what sort of terrain did you lose it in? I have found using another aircraft with a good belly cam an excellent way to find aircraft in long grass. I have been building a quad with APM to use as a search aircraft specifically to find aircraft in the…"
May 24, 2011
Paul Thompson replied to Ryan's discussion Skyfun Motor Choice
"A huge range of motors can be used on the skyfun. I have run a Turnigy 2836-3700kv, Turnigy 3542-1450kv  and even a Rimfire .32 800kv but most of these were for speed 140km/h +. For a moderate power upgrade something around the 30mm size and a kv of…"
May 24, 2011
Paul Thompson commented on Chris Anderson's blog post What it takes to create a full-featured UAV like ArduCopter 2
"Have to say It is amazing the amount of progress that has been made on the APM and ArduCopter2. I hope to have another quad up and running in the next few weeks so I can start flying the new code. Wish I had the knowledge to help out in the project,…"
May 8, 2011
Paul Thompson commented on CrashingDutchman's blog post Fiberglass Eagle for FPV (White and Grey available)
"The big issue with this airframe and the FPV168 is the C of G  You need to have a lot of electronics as far up in the front and a BIG battery to get near the C of G. I helped a friend set up his with APM. A 5Ah lipo was way to light to balance it,…"
Apr 29, 2011
Paul Thompson replied to Todd Germeroth's discussion XBee Pros Unable to Talk w/ each other
"I have also been having the same issue trying to setup the XBees, they will only show up as XBP09-DM even after following the suggested steps.
Hope someone can help.
Apr 18, 2011
Paul Thompson posted discussions
Apr 17, 2011
Paul Thompson posted a discussion
Have just noticed that my airspeed sensor seems to show a maximum reading of 45.5m/s is this normal?Would this airspeed be bringing the sensor to its 3.92kPA max limit?Cheers Paul
Apr 14, 2011
Paul Thompson replied to Martint BuildYourOwnDrone.co.uk's discussion Best planner options for longer flights
"G'day Martin,
Option 1 is probably a better way to flight plan, But Long legs will still work fine even with strong cross winds. I have done many long flights with individual legs of more than 5km and APM performs xtrack navigation very well. If you…"
Jan 9, 2011
Paul Thompson replied to Recmaster's discussion Weight reduce for stroke engine
"Most of the weight reduction has been done by the manufacturer, there is little left to reduce the weight on. An alloy muffler could be used and may save 50 grams or so. If you need a lighter engine, you should probably stick to a 2stroke, you will…"
Jan 8, 2011
Paul Thompson replied to Francina's discussion may i know the minimum wing span limit of mav in which the AP can be applied?
"There is no simple way to answer your question. A flapping wing aircraft, or Ornithopter, is a reasonably difficult aircraft to build before even thinking of an autopilot. Best to stick with a fixed wing airframe. As for size, you are really limited…"
Jan 7, 2011
Paul Thompson replied to Thomas Fankhauser's discussion Whats New in APM 1.01 Code?
"It is flyable, has just had some bug fixes, Such as the MediaTek GPS initialization and also an altitude hold issue prior to reaching the 1st waypoint."
Jan 5, 2011
Paul Thompson commented on Bart's blog post connecting RX on arducopter
"It will need power, at the moment you just have the signal wires hooked up, They are correct, but you will also need a ground and power wire to the receiver. Just use a standard 3 wire servo lead to connect one of the channels between the receiver…"
Jan 4, 2011
Paul Thompson replied to steve's discussion What if I lose radio contact? Can the motor speeds be set so it falls gracefully?
"If you have the GPS hold working then you can set up the failsafe on the receiver to switch GPS hold mode on when it loses signal. at least that gives you a chance to get back in range or rectify the issue."
Dec 31, 2010
Paul Thompson commented on Robert Godlewski's blog post Lipo Batteries Exploding - has anyone ever experienced this? (+ what do you recommend)
"The dangers of LiPo batteries I believe are a little exaggerated and based on issues early on in their use. If you charge them with the correct charger at correct rates, and don't puncture them they are very safe to use. I have damaged the odd…"
Dec 29, 2010