EagleFPV-W.jpgDesigned especially for FPV (First Person View) camera flight!
This is a true FPV plane thats easy to build and comes packed with common sense FPV must-haves such as rear mounted servos for the elevator and rudder to help counter balance the additional radio gear. Other practical features include the large internal ply mounting trays for attaching large amounts of equipment in the desired position for correct C of G and of course a large canopy area, the canopy is not mounted to the frame allowing you to configure as you please.

This model is hand-launch which is easy due to combination of a large wing, and plenty of fuselage to grab a firm hold of, with the reccomended 4s power train, there will be plenty of power for the initial launch. The fibreglass fuselage is ultra tough and ideally shaped landing on grass, with a flat bottom and rear skid.

Material: Fiberglass & Ply/Balsa
Wing Span: 1669mm (65.7")
Wing Area: 34.3" dm2
Fuselage: 1181mm (46.5")
Motor Mount Diameter: 58mm
Distance From Center of Mount to Fuse: 114mm (max prop diameter 8"]
Flying Weight: 2300g
Minimum 4 Channel, 4 x Mini servo


Price is US$ 175 (or US$ 166 if you wait about half a minute for a pop up to appear)

More information: White version or Grey version

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  • Hi Im Interested in purchasing one of these planes and would like to know if it can be shipped to me in South Africa


  • I got one but the vertical fin is not vertical some bent.

  • Moderator
    Anyone know if the wing is FG too?
  • Dose any one know if the price will increase on the original  FG 168.

    Ive got one but before they brought it out with flaps. (because they have not updated there page yet with new photos)

  • The big issue with this airframe and the FPV168 is the C of G  You need to have a lot of electronics as far up in the front and a BIG battery to get near the C of G. I helped a friend set up his with APM. A 5Ah lipo was way to light to balance it, needed to stick another 4.5Ah battery in for ballast, plus a little lead in the nose too. The versions without flaps are a dog to land as well.
  • I'd still like to see a FPV with a camera dome in the front. You'll have to take the canopy off on this one it seems.

    Most cctv camera boards are the same size and we all pretty much use the same two axis mounts. why not just take the FPV design a tad further and incorporate it. We discussed this a month ago I seem to recall.  

  • @Rory
    It's NOT the same item. Read my previous post.
  • T3
    Nice price jump...got mine at the old price.
  • This is an older model indeed.

    Anthony Hand wrote that the cheaper one has now flaps included and flies better.

    And has landing gear and is way cheaper too.

    The "168" is the way to go.

  • Glad I got the 168 now!
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