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I enjoy the utilitarian aspect of drones. Im just getting into rotary craft but am enthusiastic about fixed wing drones and supporting agriculture.


Santa Rosa, CA

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Brian liked Mark Harrison's blog post Large DIY Foamy Arduplane
Jun 4, 2020
Brian commented on Chris Anderson's blog post Welcome to the new DIY Drones design!
"I, like most, are somewhat resistant to change. The main pages seem ok, although it doesn't seem to auto size to my Note 8 all that well. Tablet seemed ok last night. On the old site I had a lot of stuff on my page that did not come over. Or if it…"
May 28, 2020
Brian updated their profile
May 28, 2020
Brian commented on Brian Martin's blog post Thermal Imaging Camera Competition (FLIR ONE vs SEEK Thermal)
"@Bill @John do you have any updated details?"
May 28, 2018
Brian commented on Trent at MyGeekShow's blog post Split Elevon Air Brake Testing on Flying Wing
"Cool mod, had a stryker about 4 years ago that had a similar setup.  Got the idea from a video online, which I can no longer find.  It was cool, but used for airbrakes.  Would do from 80mph to 0 in perfect control very quickly."
Feb 13, 2014
Brian commented on Joshua Johnson's blog post FAA endorses AMA rules to govern personal use of sUAS for Precision Ag
"Most of the farmers I know would say that farming is a way of life and intensely personal. The trucks they use on the farm are the same trucks they use to go to town or out to dinner or school activities. There is no seperation between life and the…"
Nov 28, 2013
Brian posted photos
Nov 28, 2013
Brian left a comment on Moderators
"Of two current pending membership requests, one is from China, the other... Some else's opinion please.
Jul 9, 2013
Brian commented on crystal garris's blog post Variable pitch Techpod
Jul 4, 2013
Brian commented on crystal garris's blog post Variable pitch Techpod
"Wayne, I love the Techpod, wish I could buy another plane right now... (if I did the wife would...)
I wonder how it would compare numbers to say this one: http://www.hobby-lobby.com/evp_pro.htm"
Jul 3, 2013
Brian left a comment on Moderators
"Someone please take a look at the remaining pending members, a couple seem sketchy to me, want another to take a look."
Jun 5, 2013
Brian left a comment on Moderators
"Wait a moment, we're supposed to get emails when blogs are pending? I've never got one, I get notices when I've participated in discussion, and groups but not for blogs. No wonder I'm always too late!

@TC is there something you can check? I'll…"
May 31, 2013
Brian left a comment on Moderators
"@Chris - I think you missed my point. The structure may be the same, but the items posted in forum are not the same as posts in the blog. One hunts down technical Q&A's into the forum, but the informative and new and entertaining stuff is in the…"
May 28, 2013
Brian left a comment on Moderators
"All this "news worthy" talk stems from regulating what gets on the main page. Isn't there a way to publish a "blog" that skips all the whoop-la of the front page? Wouldn't that negate a lot confusion?

I agree with Ott."
May 28, 2013
Brian left a comment on Moderators
"I feel a disturbance in the force...

Should shared accounts be allowed?"
May 24, 2013
Brian left a comment on Moderators
"Josh, I am not really trying to debate anything, merely exercising or rather expressing my feelings. As moderators we never had the ability to delete members. I can't even recall anyone announcing to the group that they wanted the ability. If…"
May 23, 2013