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Welcome to the new DIY Drones design!


You may have noticed that DIY Drones looks a little different today. That's because we finally switched over to the Ning 3.0 hosting framework, which offers a bunch of advantages along with continuity with the exiting content, membership and basic flow. Although Ning 3.0 was introduced back in 2013, Ning has changed hands since then and the development was not really complete until last year. So we waited until everything was stable to make the change.

Here are some of the new features that you may notice:

  • Works great on mobile! Finally, a responsive design that works on any size screen, taking advantage of the full width and height on any device.
  • Social sharing is built in (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn)
  • Wider layout takes advantage of larger screens, more open design
  • A lot of behind-the-scenes tools to make managing and moderating the site eaiser
  • Overall, we've cleaned up the site and removed older unused features. 

All your content and membership information should be transfered intact, but please let me know if anything is missing.

There are probably still a few glitches that we'll clean up over the next few days, but overall this should carry us well into our second decade!

Known bugs/items that we're working on:

  • Content from the old groups is not showing up. While we sort this out, you can get access to them on the old site here.
  • We're removed some navigation elements from the old site to simplify this one. If you're really missing something, let me know
  • We're debating between full-screen width (more spread out, but can get really sloppy on very wide screens) or fixed 1080 width (what it currently is).

Here's a screenshot of the "before" (it's a lot narrower)




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  • Fantastique. thank you Chris!
  • 3D Robotics
    Pascal: thanks for the catch. that has been fixed. Now trying to replicate the weird "leaving Facebook" thing
  • Another thing I've come across: when clicking on a link (e.g. "read all"), it stated me (at the first time) that I'll be "leaving Facebook"... A bit strange behaviour, though, as I stated, it happened only at the first click, not anymore later. Maybe an issue of cookies..?
  • Did anybody also realize that hyperlink texts disappear when pointing over it? Maybe it's only my browser settings....
  • 3D Robotics
    @thomas. I've now changed it so that people can edit their posts and comments for 15 minutes after posting. If you think it should be forever, that's an option I can choose too
  • 3D Robotics
    @Thomas I hadn't thought about printing or pdf. I didn't know that anyone did that!
  • Oh and not necessarily off-line. Sometimes I will open the PDF right away; lots faster than paging through ten comments at a time.
  • Now that there are more than a few comments I can test the printing issue I mentioned, and it still exists. Most blogs which host commenting have the ability to print the blog and all associated comments. Without a specific "print" button on the page I'm afraid this annoying functionality still exits. It would be wonderful to correct this issue! By being able to print, actually to a PDF, I can read all the comments and not have that annoying pagination every ten comments. Where this becomes important is if I find a blog post which has lots of comments, I could print it to hard copy or a PDF to read off-line at another time. Being in a PDF sans pagination allows a person to go back and forth rapidly though comments.
  • Comparing the old and new text; the greyed new looks purplish.
  • Hello Chris, I hope these comments are helpful!
    Regarding the "View All" button. I don't remember that showing ALL of the detail for each of the post. As I recall. it would show the intro for each blog post; wouldn't want to wade through miles and miles of detail to see what posts I missed during a hiatus.
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