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3689391285?profile=originalJust putting this out there...

I recently purchased 6 batts from and selected the USA Warehouse for shipping.  That was Wednesday the 23rd, it's Friday the 25th and they are on my desk.  I selected the USPS shipping option 2/3 day for less than $1.50 over the default shipping cost, bringing the cost of shipping to $11.  The package was sound and well protected.

I am very satisfied with the purchase.


I know that others have had bad times with some items from them, but if this is any kind of indication of turn around I'll be shopping HC more often and will purchase if the item is available from their US location.

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    I've been hit before, and that was after purchasing from FMA Direct.  Now online I ONLY pay with Pay Pal when I can use my security token. 
  • Ya better pay attention.


    Recently I ordered 2 orange recievers for Hobby city.  Total 35 bucks.  Within 6 minutes of the order online my account was hit for 2000 dollars by two sites just down the street from them.  Numerous emails got NO real response.  They did NOT understand or care that their online pay system was compromised.  Fortunately my bank after investigating what Hobby City  should have restored my money.  I wouldn't touch these guys or HK with a billion foot pole.

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    Charging 2x3S in series as a 6S is much safer, since the cells do not have to have the same initial voltage.
  • If capacity and voltage of all Lipos is same then parallel charging is not an issue. I have three 3S lipo, 5000mAh, they are 45C discharging and 5C charging rated.


    I connect all the three in parallel using same parallel charging board and charge them with a total current of 20Amp so that every Lipo gets more than 6amp current.


    If your charger can supply required amount of current then its ok. I recomend you to have Lipo charging bag as the safety is the most important.   


    During my early days when I started using Lipos, I got one Chinese Lipo virtually blasted during charging, one blanket got burnt and we were lucky that the entire house was safe. On that day I remember I got very bad shoutings from everyone in my house and on that day I was feeling that I did some crime.


    From that day I always used Lipo charging bag and avoided using swollen lipos. I recomend not keep many cheap 3rd class lipos but have few of good brands as they always use the best material and that is why they are not being able to sell at lower price. Some of the Chinese brand lipos are also good.


    Any Lipo if it is rated say 25C discharging and it is a 5000mAh then in tru meaning the Lipo shoild not get much heated up even at 100Amp discharging.


    Most of the Chinese brand Lipos get very much heated up even at 10C discharge however they are rated 25C or higher. So you have to decide yourself.

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    Thanks, according to the description for the 6 pack, you just need to have the same cell count and capacity.  The bats I got are different c rates but the same capacity.  I think my charger came with a charge plug that charges 3 or 4 in parallel.  That would be faster, I think I'll have a double check.

  • Brian, your Lipos seems all same, you can charge then in parallel saving lots of time.

    You should have one parallel charging board for lipos "Parallel charging Board for 6 packs 2~6S"

    with Lipo charger haveing atleast 20Amp charging capacity like icharger 206B

  • I got icharger206B from them recently, which was DEAD ON ARRIVAL however the package was in physically healthy condition.


    My recent order there is showing "Processing" since last one week. When I am trying to chat with them then they are not available. yesterday I called them more than 70 times at different times but they did not take the call.

    I sent them mail stating that if they can not ship my order in next two days then they must cancel the order and refund. But many days have gone but they have not responded the mail.


    If it could have  been possible to write the most dirty things about them in this very forum then I could have written. 

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    Just FYI, I think posts like this are useful.  I've also purchased some lipos from their U.S. warehouse, and they also came quickly and nicely packed. I'm not familiar with problems other people have hadw with HK, but it does seem they're on a good trajectory quality-wise.
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    Sorry you feel that way. The RSS feed is there to help share a good read or news.  Posts come and go so it' will not be there long as other more interesting topics will flow.

    As far as being relevant...

    To me it's not much different than someone posting about quad parts or a cheaper location to find ez parts.  Most of us use lipos and I personally was put off by the stories I heard regarding HC's shipping and customer service.  The price was very good, the 20c's cost $13, and the 30c's cost $16.  So with the low price and good shipping cost from shipping w/in the states I thought I'd give it a go.  Turned out great and I just wanted to share in case someone else was reluctant to purchase from them.

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    I believe that Brian's blog is pertinent here as there has been quite a lot of controversy concerning Hobby City on the DIY Drones Forum. I recently ordered from Hobby City USA and received my LiPos in approximately two days. The LiPo prices were some what more than the HK site, but the shipping was much cheaper and a whole lot faster!

    Beacause of Brian's post maybe more Forum members will use and find success with the Hobby City USA site.

    Just a thought.



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