Projet Nitro-003 RQ-11 Raven - Structural Reinforcements

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Greetings,  I'm starting a build log for the Nitro-003 RQ-11 Raven model by Projet.  This is the first entry in the build log and covers most of the planned build.  Subsequent entries will be made detailing portions of the build.

Project:  From my personal experience with the Nitro-003 Raven model I have found that the model flies great but is very light weight and in desperate need of structural upgrades if you plan to fly in the field where landing is on anything other than manicured lawn.  I fly in a farmer's field, a good portion of the year there are huge chunks of earth and clumps of grass or weeds that are landing obstructions.  Structural upgrades are not an option.


Nitro-003 week points/Upgrades:

1. Tail.  The tail is way too weak and will break.  Our model will utilize a Coroplast tail of the same dimentions as the stock tail wing.  Our tail will be removable.

2. Vertical Stabilizer.  Not as weak as the tail but still weak.  Our model will use the stock structure but covered with 1/32 balsa sheet.  Sheeting will be prepped and painted.  Stabilizer will be removable.

3. Fuse.  Single layer fiberglass is fragile.  Our model will be reinforced on the inside surfaces with a second layer of 2oz fiberglass. Surfaces will also be covered with a reinforcing fiber sheet.  It's lightweight and super strong.  Our model will also have a removable skid plate made to cover the entire front of the plane and the bottom surface.  This will help to reinforce the structure and reduce damage that occurs during harder landings.

4. Center Wing Section.  The bolts provided with the kit are too small and rip out frequently even on gentler landings.  Our model will utilize upgraded Dubro Nylon Wing bolts.  They are easier to install and plenty strong.  The center section of the wing is also prone to crushing if you tighten the wing too much.  Our model will have the center section filled with rigid expanding glue to reinforce this area and a disk to disperse the force of the bolt clamping down on the wing.  The wing will also get little wing former's with tabs that allow the wing to be broken down.


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    I just got done covering my replacement center wing section with balsa.  I'll do a write-up soon with pics and video.

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    Find more videos like this on DIY Drones

    Simon's plane just before it's maiden flight, which was perfect.


  • Brian, sounds great. Yes, I need one!

    Let me know when it's done, please.

    Best regards!

  • @ Jake,

    Sometimes pilots can topple even a airbus with "fly by wire" system etc...

  • Even the million dollar military versions of this don't fly well.  Not sure why you'd want to copy the design.

  • Hi Brian, nice job!

    I don't find to buy this Projet Nitro-003 model, anywhere. Could you please tell me where a get it?

    You planing do these upgrades for comercial proposes?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Looking to be able to rebuild the fuse of my Raven using Aramid fiber instead of fiberglass but that will be later.  The first use of the mold is going to be the removable skid plate for our project Raven. 

    Aramid sheets are available on E-bay (search 4 Kevlar) in all kinds of colors.  Price is about $30 per yard, which isn't that bad considering you get something much stronger and lighter than the original fuse.

    Hopefully the rigid foam fills the entire void inside the casting.  I used the rigid stuff for large gaps.  I've read what I can find online regarding using this stuff and pretty much figure the casts are a one time shot (hopefully not) so the foam was laid in with as much full coverage I could get on the surface of the cast then extra was shot into the areas where it's wider.  I'm hoping I've got the right amount of foam in the mold to give it some density but not enough to blow out the mold...

    From what I've read, it's a little tricky if the cast is sealed up

    like mine...  I'll post more Monday evening...Wish me luck!


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    Projet Nitro-003 RQ-11 Raven Build Project.  3rd Video in series.

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    Second video in project

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    Project Intro video
    Find more videos like this on DIY Drones

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