BFRO Gets UAS Support for Squatchin


Ok, so Big Footing is not exactly "Main Stream", but IMO, this is a great example of how we can enjoy our hobby while helping others explore theirs.  Unfortunately, there's not a lot of details on the drone or UAS Operations but  it's a positive example none the less.  I live in Northern California, and want to take my drones on a BFRO expedition...

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    Yes that's Gene from RP and sUAS News podcast. That wing pre dates all the stuff that comes out from China. He is just finishing up a big review of the X8, the short of which not impressed!

  • Looks like from here

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    I recognize it from somewhere, but???

  • Looks like a modified rite wing, but perhaps it's his own design
  • Was that an X5 flying wing?  Anybody know?

  • Don't forget shaky the camera must be out of focus ! and shaky!

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    They are extinct, but I have this picture:


  • If they are going to look for bigfoot, they need to ditch that camera and get a grainy black and white camera. Everyone knows that you only see bigfoot/aliens/loch ness monsters with grainy black and white cameras......

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    Mabe the "UAS Operations" guys are part of DIYDrones and will share details.

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