Alternative Pilot Tubes for Air Speed Sensor



First, Sorry about the quality of the above picture.


The other day, I began the process to setup the Air Speed Sensor on my ArduPilot Legacy (APL). 


I busted out the parts bin to find that I had lost the Static Pilot Tube.  I know that they are stocked in the DIYDrones Store, but was wondering... Do I really need to buy one?  Can I use stuff around here that will work (or seem like they should work)?


Like I said I lost the Static tube, that's the one with the blocked end and tiny holes in the tube above the blockage.  Looking around I found 3 possible candiates for a DIY version.


1. The Active Tube, cut in half, blocked and drilled.


2. An Inflating tube (for balls) with the big end (air valve end) cut off.  It is about the same size the end could be plugged, but the holes are much larger than the Static tube in the kit.  Do both tubes need to be basically the same size?


3. An empty ink pen tube.  The end is already blocked, it's the same size as the brass Active Tube, it is easy to drill the tiny holes in the plastic, and the old pen tip is aerodynamic (oh yea, bonus!)


I'm leaning toward 3.



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