Split Elevon Air Brake Testing on Flying Wing


I wanted to see if I could use a split elevon and some serious mixing to use a split elevon as an airbrake for my flying wing. The Raptor 100 is light and pretty tough, a perfect test platform! Lets try it.

Split the elevons in 2/5 and 3/5 lengths (to compensate for the leverage on the outer wing), added two more servos and some serious mixing on my 9x...

Worked great!

I'm planning on using something similar on my larger, heavier Raptor 140B and new Raptor 140C. These two airplanes are much heavier and suffer from a very long glide ratio and high speed stall, meaning a very long approach.

Have you tried this before? Anything I could to make it better?


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  • Trent, great application. This is used quite commonly in the sail plane world and it is called "crow." The beauty with having the outer aileron deflect up, is it changes the practical incidence of the wingtip. So long as there is not a sever stall, it actually reduces the chances of tip stalling as the center wing will stall first (planform dependent)

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    Cool mod, had a stryker about 4 years ago that had a similar setup.  Got the idea from a video online, which I can no longer find.  It was cool, but used for airbrakes.  Would do from 80mph to 0 in perfect control very quickly.

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  • You can do all the mixing via ardupilot. Slave all 4 servos to rudder. Restrict the pwm range to only allow them to go either up or down as needed. Change the gains to either plus or minus one to get the correct ones to move and voila! No mixing via tx
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    Here is an idea for air brakes (just an idea, since I have never tested it myself) - since you're using two servos anyway - why not do a split control surfaces like ailerons on A-10 Thunderbolt. They split and used as an airbrakes.

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