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Done the RC Gas Planes, RC Electric Prop and EDF Planes and Heli's. This is evolution.

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nuts and bolts. everything!


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Alex Lee commented on Yutaca Sawai's blog post Biomechanical simulation of Artificial Aquatic & Marine Animals
"the human representation does look too much mechanical. you have the hips locked horizontally in a basic technique. More advanced efficient swimmers rotate torso to hip as much as 70 to 90 degrees... so as their hips are actually vertical. This…"
Jun 14, 2017
Alex Lee commented on Steven Hinz's blog post Walmart Plans To Use Drones to Track Inventory at Distribution Centers
"Thought all posts had to have a picture?"
Jun 5, 2016
Alex Lee replied to Samuel Rosenstein's discussion Auto Flaps in ArduPlane User Group
"I tried the same thing and they didn't deploy. I do plan to give it another go. I was a tad rushed last time."
Apr 23, 2016
Alex Lee commented on Paul's blog post Drone-maker 3D Robotics cuts jobs, refocuses on corporate market.
"can the Pixhawk 2 now make it to the store?"
Mar 24, 2016
Alex Lee commented on Jerry Giant's blog post P9X autopilot, a revised pixhawk
"@rob, I believe the 4 red posts are silicon rubber. so the board is dampened inside the case."
Feb 9, 2016
Alex Lee commented on Chris Anderson's blog post 3DR's evolution from micro to mass
"Lots of talk here on the multicopters. I'm still interested in airplanes and photography using that platform. Are the autopilots such as Pixhawk still being developed on and is 3DR still supplying them?"
Nov 4, 2015
Alex Lee commented on JLJu's blog post Boundary Layer Part Two
"John, I agree. This is way cool. So this could be how submarine hulls are tested?"
Oct 12, 2015
Alex Lee commented on Harjit Sethi's blog post Nica Drones Mag Lifter EPM 688 Next Steps.. We made IRIS do it
"do you think there is enough room in the center square for a bar code reader? I'm thinking a sticker of some sort affixed to the package which the copter can scan that contains a delivery address. the copter comes in grabs the package, scans the…"
Sep 27, 2015
Alex Lee commented on Lester Haines's blog post PRATCHETT stratospheric spaceplane test mission live tomorrow
"Lester, how are you going to know if the servos freeze? Is there some sort of feedback you plan to measure? If they did freeze, would they have thawed by the time the package lands?"
Jun 12, 2015
Alex Lee commented on Ryan Perez's blog post Splash Drone (waterproof drone) coming in June
"Looks very promising. How much weight can it carry with a go pro? I'm thinking of landing on water with the go pro facing downward, when I see a fish grab the bait on the suspended line, take off and bring it back."
May 19, 2015
Alex Lee commented on Winfried Rijssenbeek's blog post The Humming Man Project Progress
"Could you move the pod above or below the prop plane? You also have emergency deployable parachute right? Also, can you call it a Drone if someone is actually in it?"
Apr 11, 2015
Alex Lee commented on Thomas Stone's blog post Automated Precision Landing on Car, and at Night
"Can the car be moving?"
Apr 8, 2015
Alex Lee commented on John Githens's blog post Civilian and commercial drones in the National Air and Space Museum (US)
"Would like to have seen something made in America used instead. I mean, why the Phantom? Would have been interesting to see some cables hanging there with a picture of the phantom, with a caption saying something like, "it would have been here, but…"
Apr 4, 2015
Alex Lee commented on Thomas J Coyle III's blog post DIY Drones at 64,000 members!
"Wow 717.. I feel so old. Actually, I'll say wise. I've probably read 98% of the blogs.

Thanks Thomas for all you do!"
Feb 27, 2015
Alex Lee commented on Thomas J Coyle III's blog post DIY Drones at 64,000 members!
"Thomas, any way to see what number we may be?
I see we're past 64k I'm thinking I joined down in the 20's or so. Any way to see that?"
Feb 27, 2015
Alex Lee commented on Greg Dronsky's blog post FPV Gimbal For Zoom Camera - First Week of Tests
"Greg, this is amazing."
Feb 25, 2015