FPV Gimbal For Zoom Camera - First Week of Tests

Hi guys, 

First i'd like to thank all of you for your comments regarding our first post (http://diydrones.com/profiles/blogs/fpv-gimbal-for-zoom-camera?xg_source=activity). Your comments helped us with technical issues and got us really positively motivated. 

Theory became reality

We have just finished the first week of tests and we are more than happy to share our results with you. We are now flying FPV with 3 axis gimbal with a 27x zoom, so lightweight, that it can be easily attached to Iris+ or Phantom, or a SkySurfer1400 plane. And the experience is amazing. It is very natural to fly with the zoom and it gives you a lot of freedom. It really feels, that this is a must have feature in all FPV models.

More work to come

The gimbal gives some minor vibrations when the camera is at full zoom, but we plan to improve it until we get the maximum quality. We still see room for improvement, and it's only our first week of tuning :).

When we hit the maximum level of mechanical stabilisation we plan to test a digital camera with zoom, with a software stabilisation. The quality of video can improve dramatically by replacing camera to a better one.

Some specs:

-27x zoom (3,5mm - 94,5mm)
-PWM zoom control (from receiver)
-1/3'' SONY 960H EXview HAD CCD II (700TVL)
-RTF weight 360 grams /0.79 lbs (including camera, autofocus lens, brushless motors, a dedicated dampening plate and gimbal controller)
-3S Voltage input.

Jacob and I thought about building few sets for you to test. If you're interested just email us (vertigofpv@gmail.com). 

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  • Any updates on this camera?

  • Jason Franciosa - Don't sell yourselves too short, too quickly.  The specs on that high end payload are eerily close to the Sony qx30.  The quality of the gimbal components available are in many cases superior to what is passed off as "deep" engineering from larger manufacturers.  There is a lot of seriously great work being done by this community.

  • Yup. Shut up and take my money.

  • This is awesome Greg! Can't wait to get one.
    I 'm a bit surprized about the weight ... I'm also at exactly 350g w/ camera metal case on.
  • Thanks @ivan. If you are interested in getting info, send us an email vertigofpv@gmail.com. On friday (6.03) we are going to publish the price.

  • I love it. Are you planning to sell this?

  • Thank you for all your comments. We are heading to test week 2 with a lot of positive energy! Have a great weekend!

  • Awesome. 

  • Nice! Just sent you guys an email.

  • Rob, the Aeryon Gimbal is not a realistic solution for 99% of the users here. They make a great product, but when a single multirotor system is over $250k and that gimbal alone is probably 30+k or more, I don't think it's anywhere near the same market as this gimbal being offered here.

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