Biomechanical simulation of Artificial Aquatic & Marine Animals

Dear ladies and gentlemen,
I present a plan of Unmanned Underwater Vehicles in the future.

The biomechanical simulation of crawling swimmers (above) 

Other examples

The biomechanical simulation of hand movement :
(It is similar to jellyfish propulsion mechanism.)

The biomechanical simulation of rays' fins :

The biomechanical simulation of anomalocaris :

These creations were born from a discovery of the theorem of voluntary movement of natural animal as well as an invention of the universal mechanical linkage.


My work in progress :

In May, I was invited to ARTIS the Royal Zoo in Amsterdam. The director request me for the physical implementation of artificial animal. So, I'm proposing to rapid prototype using 3D printing and other affordable hardware and software.


Industrial trends :

NVIDIA Isaac (Unreal Engine 4 based virtual simulator) can train AI of such as robot that runs with wheels, robot that fly in the sky with propellers, robot that moves underwater with screws. So I can produce mechanical legs in place of wheel, mechanical wings in place of propeller, and mechanical fins in place of screw. The burden of mechanism analysis (work to obtain the joint parameters to optimal exercise) which occupy the majority of my production process will be greatly improved by Isaac and AI.

With the new image guided application platforms based on Augmented Reality such as the Microsoft HoloLens, I'm considering to contribute to 3D drone application and medical treatment / rehabilitation / scientific research.


Background :

I'm a Romandy(French speaking Swiss)-based independent scientist.

In November 2005, when I was watching the demonstration of androids made in the 19th century at the museum of Neuchatel, I met a NAS engineer (NASA Advanced Supercomputing division).
He was invited by NASA after developed many cars in Subaru.
He was a super generalist who understood all the manufacturing processes during this period. Therefore, NAS needed his outstanding overall wisdom for the high end CAD design and manufacturing of the Mars probe.
He instructed me with a lot of advice. He immediately noticed my potential talent through his experiences and was expecting me. He predicted that I would become famous little by little.
Today, open source software has evolved, and hardware has become cheaper and convenient.
So, I made the effort to be a generalist like him.

In 2006, 2007 I settled in Sainte-Croix. then participated in the project of François Junod (He is a great master of automata creator.) and Leganess city of Spain, and actually supervised the production of large artificial horse.

Later I moved to La Chaux-de-Fonds. I learned the game theory and the principle concept of biomechanics of Chinese martial arts.

In 2012, under the approval of the French state, I launched a new project. And I made a revolutionary invention. At that time, I found a new theory of voluntary movement which was submitted by Abraham-Louis Breguet, a physicist and horologist in his book "Essay about the animal force and the principle of voluntary movement" in the early 19th century. I decided to promote a new research and development by combining his theory in my inxentions. This is my philosophical approach. then I was invited to the Breguet Museum at Paris.

I study the wisdom of Huguenot and anti-Qing Dynasty resistance forces. It is the same as during the Renaissance period, Leonardo da Vinci studied the wisdom of ancient Greece and Roman culture from Arab and Bizants. Their internal reform efforts are an open system that has external interactions. That become a philosophy lead a natural science which find the trust in providence to evolve the human race and that future.

醫生為機匠 The Doctor as Mechanic

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Comment by Gary McCray on June 5, 2017 at 1:46pm

Great to see your amazing work as always Yutaca,

I definitely see shades of Davinci in your work in more than simple mechanics too.

My mother once asked me why if everybody was going one direction did it seem I was always going the other.

I who had not considered myself in those terms to that point in time immediately responded, well if everybody is heading one direction, certainly it is more interesting to be going another.

In many ways that formalized my departure from the norm.

I have great respect for those who choose that road, it is not easy, but the rewards are great.

I would not have it otherwise, fellow travelers are rare.

Best Regards,


PS now especially in underwater research fish UAVs porpoise, squid, tuna, puffer fish and even jellyfish are being used to interact with their biological environment without interference.

And many of them actually use fin, body and natural analogue propulsion methods.

Comment by Yutaca Sawai on June 8, 2017 at 1:43pm

Hi Garry,
Thank you for a thoughtful message.
Sorry for the late reply.
In fact, I was thinking deeply about my destiny for few days.
Your story perfectly captured that.

I can say,
on the "other way" your mother chose, your father was.
It seem two fulcrums are always necessary for progress.
That is also called Yin and Yang.

In addtion, even if everyone choise their own way and the world becomes chaos, after then the each way will be harmonized and become a one way. I call that the way of heaven.

In my case, there is a formidable lady who can see my way ahead. Even if I change the direction by steering the rudder forcefully, I always look at her back. She seems to already know my future.

Best Regards,



The world industry seems to be looking for a new drone that follows Quad Copter.

Comment by Alex Lee on June 14, 2017 at 11:10am

the human representation does look too much mechanical. you have the hips locked horizontally in a basic technique. More advanced efficient swimmers rotate torso to hip as much as 70 to 90 degrees... so as their hips are actually vertical. This allows the forward arm to increases the reach as much as 6-8 inches and the forward cross-section (shoulders) to be much smaller and always at an angle to the oncoming water.

however, a really cool mechanical illustration nonetheless.

Comment by Yutaca Sawai on June 15, 2017 at 1:58am

Hi Alex,

Thank you for your specific opinion.

As you say, the mechanism of Swimmer still needs improvement.

In order to bring the motion of the mechanism closer to the movement of the natural animal (also human being), I'm thinking to optimize it with AI (like nVidia Isaac). Thus we obtain more optimal joint parameters. On the other hands, my visual recognition and manual work has its limit.

What is necessary for human work is how to apply this universal mechanical element (which was inspired by the principle of Chinese martial arts) to explain the voluntary movement of natural animal, and how to adapt it for animal machines.


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