Rolla, MO

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Senior in Aerospace Engineering @ Missouri S&T.

Please tell us a bit about your UAV interest

UAV's are an important part of the future of the aerospace industry. Learning to work with them now on a small scale through the Ardupilot is my main motivation.


Aurora, CO

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Todd Germeroth posted a discussion
Hi all, I am attempting to plan an ArduPilot mission and am having some difficulty. What I have done is first I select and write waypoints to my ArduPilot Board (328 Red Board) using the Config Utility Software program. After this I open up the…
Apr 19, 2011
Todd Germeroth posted a discussion
Hi all, I have two XBee Pro 9's (XB09-DP in X-CTU) and have been unable to get X-CTU to read either one as the correct XB09-DP. What tipped me off to this problem originally is that when connecting my entire setup to the Ground Station software all…
Apr 10, 2011
Todd Germeroth posted a discussion
Our team has been trying to get the Ardupilot 2.7 code loaded onto our board but for some reason we are not being successful. The anomalies we have been getting are the following: 1) Once the board is powered for the first time after soldering…
Mar 3, 2011