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  • The price for the airframe is what kept me from pulling the trigger right now.  I purchased an ecilop but I would not mind building one of these.  I take pics over water but I would love to be safe doing so.  I like the aquacopter as well.

  • Aquacopter is one of my favorite designs, really tough Kydex vacuum formed and reasonably aerodynamic.

    I only wish it was optimized for 12" or even 14" props.

    I really like the latching salad bowl on top of yours.

    Hi Toby, That is one seriously pro looking Water oriented quad copter.

    I would like to know what it weighed and a few more facts about it than they report on its site and $860.00 for the frame kit alone make it a seriously expensive copter.

  • See also: AquaCopter with APM 2.5

  • I like this one

  • Check this post out

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